October arrives …

… not with a bang but with a squelch.

Please click pics to see ’em bigger.
A lot of the pics have captions visible when you “mouse” over.

Did that thing today: blanked someone I’d often seen. The lady from the mews who’d asked me for pics of the house greeted me in B&M – hadn’t a clue who she was until she said. She always seems taller when seen across the canal for some reason.

Did you know that the devil goes round on the night of September 30th – October 1st and gobbles all the sweetness out of blackberries?

Generally so far it’s been soggy but not really cold this month although you can tell it’s not summer any more.

The grebe chicks are learning to fish for themselves but seem to rely on their parents still. The juveniles follow the adults two on one up and down the pond.

Flying insects are almost done for the year but a few dragonflies and butterflies are making a last showing.

Anyhow, on with the pics:

Tuesday 1st October 2013

The grebes, adult and juvenile, stay as far from the bank as they can – unless I’m on one bank with my camera, in which case they’re within inches of the opposite one.
The swans were really practising for the winter trip south, a couple of days later they did the buggerin’ off.
Ivy looks almost architectural – there’s more to come later ’cause I like ’em.
And a couple of the flying insects. The dragonfly pic is really crap – it was about fifteen feet away and dodging about like a … dragonfly.


Sundry birds, grebes, moorhen and robin.

Great crested, one of the pairs of juveniles and an adult. Walking along the canal, there’s almost always moorhens foraging around the footpath, they bugger off as passers by approach.
The robin pic is my most viewed on twitpic = folk like robins!


(Didn’t go out on Thursday)
We’ve a kestrel that’s been doing a hover over the vegetation round the pond and up and down the canal.

Composite of the kestrel

Composite of the kestrel

Beautiful bird!

Grebe parent and child

Grebe parent and child

The adult has a fish for the chick but needs to take time out for a post-dive shake.


(didn’t go out on Saturday)
Fairly warm & sunny.

Still hanging on: a darter dragonfly. The heron was very near peg 1 on the pond so I had to snap it through a bush to avoid disturbing it. Showed it to a passing couple; gives you a warm feeling when someone sees something like this for the first time. πŸ™‚
Tits are so elusive – snatching a pic can be difficult I often have to be satisfied with less than best.
Red admiral feeding on one of the last ivy flowers, A peacock on the wood chippings at the back of the shopping centre car park and a hoverfly drinking dew.

Monday 7th October 2013

Straight in to the pics

The new leaf buds are a tad out of season, nicht wahr?
The moorhen was doin’ the buggerin’ off at speed on the canal.
One thng about the pond is that the high banks allow you to look down on passing birds. The mallards were moving to the other end of the lake.
Dogs, especially Jack Russels, once they’ve found a stick are reluctant to let it go.
Very unusual: great crested grebes out of the water. You can see why it’s so uncommon: their legs are so far back on their bodies that walking isn’t the easiest. They are built for underwater pursuit. Looks as if mum (or is it dad?) was fed up of fishing for the kids (and being badgered by them?) and wanted a rest.
A couple more Ivy blossom/fruit pics.

That’s first week of October done – more soon

3 thoughts on “October arrives …

  1. Wanted to comment on about half of them, but my short term memory is like Swiss cheese, so by the time I reach the bottom I have forgotten half of what I was going to say πŸ™‚ Is that a folk tale, the sucking the sweetness out of them thing, haven’t heard that before?


    • Lovely to hear from you

      Short term memory …

      who said that?

      Can’t remember

      No it’s NOT a folk tale: it’s the absolute truth! If (when?) you ever come back to the land of your ancestors, you try picking and eating a blackberry or bramble on October first – not sour, but definitely not sweet. πŸ˜‰ Think he must be like Father Christmas – able to cover many miles in a single night.

      I’ve got a voice recorder app for my tablet so I can make verbal notes when I’m out ’cause my short term memory’s so crap – I often have weird thoughts while walking that dissolve before I get home.

      (Never had a penis beaker – just a box of tissues & a damp patch)



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