October, week the second

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Tuesday eighth of October

Dunno if that’s a rush, reed or grass. 🙂
Grebe parent with a fish and junior hurrying to grab a beakfull. Can’t be long before they get kicked out now.
One of the last peacocks.
Ian’s dog in the Ryton and willow leaves showing their silvery undersides in the wind.
Great crested grebe parent and child. Is there a way of telling the gender of grebes?


Just some Pics of our local kestrel.


This guy I occasionally see walking up & down t’ canal asked me to take some pics of his two dogs. “I’ll pay for the film …” quoth he. Don’t think he’s digital minded 🙂

Walked up to Lady Lee nature reserve via pond & canal.
Speckled wood on bramble, a comma sunning on white graffiti.
Ian and dogs nearing Morse lock on the Chesterfield canal.
A small white on nettle leaves.

In the entrance field, as I was about to dive in to the underbrush, a kestrel appeared overhead. Low res pics herelink
A couple blown up:

Lady Lee kestrel

Lady Lee kestrel

Lady Lee kestrel

Lady Lee kestrel

Took a hundred pics of Lady lee – they’re all herelink on Flickr. If you don’t want to go there then these two are fairly representative:

Just a water filled quarry

Just a water filled quarry



Back – Rhodesia and canal

A pair of bullock near Rhodesia’s farrier. Yes, I like ivy :-). Lace made by slugs, snails or caterpillars?


Town & back

Ratty was skulking around the pond.
Two views of the kestrel an hour apart. Someone reminded me of their alternate name: “windhover” – very appropriate as they stay fixed in the sky no matter how the wind gusts.
Conkers are being blown out of the trees now, rendering small boys with sticks and stones redundant.


A bit of a “grebey” day

Young grebe looks as if it’s begging mum (or dad?) for something … and then buggerin’ off before coming back for FISH!
The heron patrolled a lakeside footpath for over fifteen minutes. Hoping for frogs and toads?



Come and get it!
The mushrooms are, I believe, honey fungus, Ian showed me his pic of them: they’re inside the school railings so I didn’t dare photograph them in school hours. 🙂
(Wikipedia: Honey Fungus or pidpenky (Ukrainian: підпеньки) are considered in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Germany and other European countries to be one of the best wild mushrooms and highly prized.)
Rain on hawthorn berries.
The kestrel again – getting almost as popular as grebes on here.
Long tailed tits are such cute little things. Hard to catch out in the open, this one was about fifty feet away.
Pigeons are often ignored but they are rather handsome birds, aren’t they?
Sky over t’ pond.


Grebes, Adult, child and child getting some hunting practice.
Raindrops on haws (again).
Coots in the middle of the pond apparently not talking.
Lowering sky.
Ian’s dog Archy.
Acer leaf in t’ canal.
Face at the window at the mews.
Moorhen on a rusted shopping trolley.

5 thoughts on “October, week the second

  1. Both dogs are cute, but I liked the fuzzy one the best, I’m a sucker for fuzzy. The clouds and the water filled quarry stood out, might incorporate them into my wandering daydreams later.


      • Stop telling me real stuff, I refuse to believe you, the small perfect moments you photograph are what I choose to believe are the entire reality.

        Beards are kind of cool. It depends. Not ZZ Top ones, those are just gross, but yep fuzz is good. It must be incredibly strange to have hair growing out of your face every day, that you have to lop off, now that I come to think of it. On that note, I am going out 🙂


  2. Say what you like – coots are cute! Beautiful pics as always. Is that sky at the top what you’d call ‘louring’? Didn’t know honey fungus was edible!


    • Coots are such territorial bullies though.
      Always thought it was spelled “lowering” pronounced to rhyme with “towering”.
      No – I didn’t until I looked it up. Probably because it’s so disliked ’cause it can destroy trees.

      How you?


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