October, week the thrid

Definitely cooling down now
I seem to be getting a predilection for the tiny where flowers and their ilk are concerned.

Tuesday, 15th October 2013

Pond & town

Wrens are so reclusive and elusive that a close up is rather rare.
Hire boat Maid Marion was leaving Morse lock as I reached it.
I’ve ‘shopped the skyline a bit, but only to darken the land.
Willow leaves silhouette beautifully.
The leaf back and front: the back hasn’t changed at all while the front has succumbed to Autumn.
Tiny flowers rule at this time of year and these are really tiny.


Robin in the trees between canal and bowling green. Folk do like robins – among my most viewed on twitter.


Tiny ‘shroom.
Mallards having a scrap and the victor in hot pursuit.
View up the length of the lake.
Small white on dandelion
Full flaps and landing gear down.
Anglers leaving bait and folk feeding ducks on land encourage ratty.
One of the great crested grebe adults passing by.


Our local Kestrel.
A robin on a hawthorn in the middle of a building site.
When you’re with dogs you meet dogs.
Grebe juveniles dashing for a parental fish.
Adult grebe eyeing the camera suspiciously …
… and bringing another fish.
The spider was five feet outside my front door.


Two swans are back – there’s no way I can tell if they are the old pair back.
Sparrows are cute!
Grebes hardly leave a ripple when they dive.
A juvenile grebe with its reflection.
The gull population is increasing almost exponentially.
Ivy flowers/fruit are architectural.
A seed head – is it rose bay willow?
“Never”, they said “never look straight at the sun.” Probably alright on an overcast October Saturday though.


More small flowers – a yellow one and a purplish one.
Half the grebe family swimming along together.
Willow beginning to turn with autumn. green and gold on the upper sides of the leaves against the silver of the undersides.
A kestrel and what’s been identified as a raven over Sandy Lane bridge.
I’ve seen this duck before. It’s bigger than a mallard with black plumage and a yellow bill.
Portending a thunderstorm, clouds beginning to hide the sun.

Monday 21st October 2013


Very dull day – pouring down. The heron was up and down the lake while I went round on my way out and there again when I came back.
Ducks strangely seem to like playing in puddles although there’s the pond on one side and the canal a few feet away on t’ other.

Went to the docs via Stubbing lane:

Becoming quite boring with pictures of haws dripping in the rain?
The heron had relocated to the edge of the turnip field. (turnip‘s a guess)
A sparrow tree in full fruit at the foot of Castle Mound and a representative spadge.
Two kids chasing parent who’s got a fish and one hop-flying when it thinks it sees another one.
Gull passing by.


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