December 2013: third tranche

Just by the way: all these pictures are on twitter the same day as they’re taken (usually)

December 23rd 2013

Keeping on where I left off but with a special batch: kingfisher on the canal made my day month year
Giving these full size treatment:DSC_8538KingfisherDSC_8541KingfisherDSC_8544KingfisherDSC_8550KingfisherKi

Also our pair of grebes and a couple of robins:

Rollover and click as usual:

December 25th


December 26th


December 27th


December 28th


December 29th


December 30th


December 31st

That’s 2013 done with

2 thoughts on “December 2013: third tranche

  1. Good;
    glad to see the pictures again.
    I thought pikelet was a different name for crumpet – now I know better.
    Annabelle, my granddaughter likes a small stick too.
    They’re good for legging innocent bystanders over.
    When the Christmas tree blew over, taking the paving slabs it was screwed to with it, she reassured me that there was only earth underneath them, not lava.
    So that’s all right then.

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