More January pics and stuff

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Ever been walking along & seen someone approaching who you don’t want to meet? You dodge into a shop or even about face and do the buggerin’ off, don’t you? Well, ever noticed someone seeing you and doing the same? Weird isn’t it?

Just heard “… my cholesterol was high …” in a TV ad as “Michael Aspel was high”* – it took me a couple of head shakes to realise what I’d heard.

Anyhow; on with the motley:MMW 4.27 & MMW 2.67

Tuesday the Fourteenth of January 2014CE

(I know what “motley” is but I like the expression)
Up to the docs to book prescriptions
There’s one or two cats that hang around the pond – don’t know if they ever get anything. (although here’s one of mine I took a few years ago) Sparrows,robins, bullfinches, grebe on t’ nest, blackbird splashing in a puddle, a magpie doin’ the buggerin’ off. The blackbird after the apples was below Castle Hill, and back to t’ grebe on t’pond.

On with the motley: reminds me of “Eeeeeh! I’n’t it grand when you’re daft?!” (Albert Modley).


15 Jan

Up to docs/chemists to collect prescriptions. MMW 3.91

Bluetit with wings spread: excellent! Bullfinches galore and sparrows in a sparrow tree.

16 Jan

MMW 3.82 MMW 1.75

Robins on a real chirruping session, sparrows fluffing up in the cold, a goosander taking off, a long tailed tit being cute, grebes nest building. My shadow on the bywash at Stret lock. The seagull is perfectly reflected while standing on the submerged lump of carpet on the pond. Burdock plants are favourites with bullfinches. The squirrel left only its tail for photography and tufted ducks are CUTE!Kes    Hunter

17 Jan

MMW 2.48

Liked the grass hanging in a circle and the two pics amalgamated to form a heart shape as the Narrowboat came and went. Sundry fungi: tiny mushrooms; Morse Lock’s bottom gate has fungi growing on it; there’s tiny bracket fungi growing in moss with growth rings of multi colours and the Jew’s or Judas’ ear is on the elders near the Priory shopping centre. The Sparrow tree is back on the pond.

* For foreigners or those not advanced enough in years: Michael Terence Aspel,wikipedia link OBE, (born 12 January 1933) is an English television presenter on programmes such as Crackerjack, Aspel & Company, This is Your Life, Strange but True? and Antiques Roadshow.

2 thoughts on “More January pics and stuff

  1. Love all the pics but especially good to see a magpie (one of my favourite and much maligned) birds. Lovely the way you captured the green gleam on the feathers. Love your shadow (the secret snapper??) and all the fungi. Is the hoverer a kestrel?


    • Yup: “Windhover” ‘s an old name for ’em.
      It’s the season for fungus: more colourful than you’d think.
      I like magpies. The colour was a bit “enhanced” in the computer – they are bloody evil though, they like nothing more than a mallard chick for breakfast.



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