January carries on

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Saturday 18th January 2014

MMW 5.67map
Walked up to Shireoaks using the road from Highground bridge to Haggonfields lock, detouring through what was Dormer’s old factory site and the wood beyond – apparently called Tranker Wood. Came back over Shireoaks Woodland and down the canal.

Raptor of some kind

Raptor of some kind, I’m not a birder, sorry.
You might like to click it to zoom.

Sunday 19th

Only round the pond and up& down the canal.
MMW 1.9map

Monday 20th

Twice to town: MMW 3.06map and MMW 2.6map
Monday is “payday” – my pension gets stuck into my bank a/c. So I like to nip down & get some wallet fuel.
Frosty morning!

There’s more:

Tuesday 21st

MMW 2.69map

Wednesday 22nd

MMW 2.4map

Thursday 23rd

MMW 6.21map
Round Shireoaks Woodland again and down Shireoaks Row as far as the church.

Friday 24th

MMW 4.6map

That’s a week – taking a break. Back for the last week of January soon.

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