January, end of …

Why do we trip up? T’other day I tripped and definitely went down!

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doing this after walking 9+ miles on the 18th Feb & 6 1/2 miles on the 20th.`

Saturday 25th January 2014

Just under 3 miles: MMW 2.94
Just to show what I sometimes have to do to pull pictures up;

 I’ve had objections from folk about my calling the fungus Jew’s ear – tough! That’s its name.

The field looks so rural. just off screen to the right there’s a MaccyD and Sainsburys and t’ other side a quite large housing estate. Good cropping’s good, innit? The two mallards were having a real fight – it lasted about five minutes – the eventual loser just paddled away quite unconcerned. Any bird will have a go at another bird, crows and magpies attack kestrels while gulls will pursue almost any breed that’s not seagull.

Wrens must be one of the “most often seen/least often photographed” beasties, darting through the undergrowth as they do.

Sunday 26th January

Four miles – through Rhodesia & Lady Lee. MMW 4.12

The pair of juvenile swans seem to have taken up residence on the pond – still there today (20th Feb). The sparrow bush is near the entrance – they’re in it most of the year but not visible when it’s in leaf. The grebes have been a bit lackadaisical lately – we thought they’d abandoned once or twice.

Monday 27th January

Three miles: MMW 3.06

Loads o’ birds & one shop: Needlecraft corner

Tuesday 28th January

MMW 2.18

January not out yet and greenery showing. The nest is still doing its job. The magpie is about to touch down.

Wednesday 29th January

7 1/2 miles: canal → Brancliffe → Turnerwood → canal → Shireoaks Church → canal → home MMW 7.55

Didn’t realise it was a kestrel until it buggered off. The two crows are really one crow twice – shows what you can do with a bit of manipulation. I like the miniature gardens and landscapes created on the scale of mosses – imagine yourself the size of an ant in them.

I think I ought to declare long tailed tits officially my favourite bird they’re so CUTE.
The man and dog against the sky was slightly spoiled by the trees behind them but I still like it. Every time I’ve walked from the railway to the farm, I’ve seen a pheasant doin’ the buggerin’ off in this field – the same field as the peewits flock.

I didn’t realise that I’d seen a woodpecker until I looked at the pics – I was taken by surprise as it fled from the orchard where it was eating windfalls in company with a jay. (Missed the jay!)
The canal feeder flows across the farm – there’s a little offshoot forming a trough for the livestock – at the moment horses.

Once back on the canal I caught the treecreeper at the side of Quarry lock below Turnerwood. I wasn’t looking for it – pure chance. On the other side, just above Cinderhill the cat kept an eye on me suspiciously as I passed.

Goosanders had returned to the pond to compete for fish with the resident grebes. They don’t usually stay long – just using it as an overnight stop en route elsewhere.
Cat decided to “nest” in the pot cupboard. Memo to self: shut doors!

Thursday 30th January

Shireoaks and back: MMW 5.9.

Goldfinches are sometimes over much – there were treefulls around.

The triple long tailed tit shows why I find them so attractive, no?

Friday 31st January

Up to t’ Lock Keeper and back via town: MMW 3.86.

So graceful in water or air but going from one to the other swans lose all pretence of grace. On the other hand the pair of ducks landing look like Egyptian gods touching down.

The grass that went yellow in autumn is still standing among the fallen green. The picture of seeds has been one that, to my surprise, a lot of folk have “favo(u)rited” on twitter.

I did mention that I was getting a bit blasé about goldfinches didn’t I? Yawn!
Goosander count was up for the end of the month. They do cooperate to fish as a team.


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