Then ’til now

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Catch up time:


Area 51 or Roswell Alien

Area 51 or Roswell Alien

I started to do summat about “conspiracy theories” but got rather bogged down in the first one: Area 51/Roswell.
I decided it was a tad boring so scrubbed the lot. Anyone wanting to know about the subject a good link to start from is here.

Not a lot here: two views of the grebe on the nest; buds on one of the plum trees between the pond and canal at Morse Lock; two views of a wintry looking sky and a whiter than white gull to finish with.

Just in passing: I’m getting rather fed up with the remarkably clever and witty Stephen Fry. He might be bloody good at all sorts of things but he’s also bloody boring! (He’s on “Dave” at the moment) He’s just mocking Nero for “what an artist dies in me” – exactly what I can imagine him doing himself.
I’ve mentioned my radio listening before I think. Default is The Goons with a backup of ROK classsic radio. Radio from the twentieth century is better, by and large, than today’s broadcast entertainment. Favourites are “Beyond our Ken” and “Round the Horne”, in both Kenneth Horn provides a stable backdrop for Kenneth Williams, Hugh Paddick, Betty Marsden and Bill Pertwee, with BBC announcer Douglas Smith acting as sound and visual effects. For the time these programmes were quite risqué.

(The above written on 22nd Feb. The following on 11th May)

Just going to slam all the pictures in.

23rd Feb

24th Feb

26th Feb

Walked Kiveton Park to Worksop (after going to town via the pond):

Pudding dyke bridge, sluice & weir overflow:

27th Feb

28th Feb

Walked Ranby to Worksop


March 2014

Where I can I’ll use Old English date numbers.
(using “th” for ð – “eth” and/or þ – “thorn”, cause they’re not available in the headline font – damnit!)



Last year our resident great crested grebes had eight young. Occasionally a visitor appears – possibly one of them. Makes no difference, soon gets kicked off.

And a kestrel called:

Going to “slideshow” most pics now – else the post would be 3000 miles long by the time I was up to date.


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Kestrel unusually on the ground

Kestrel unusually on the ground


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composite of grebe and eggs on the nest

composite of grebe and eggs on the nest

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Right enough! Publishing . I’ll start another post with the eleventh March in a short while.

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