All fools

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April the first

Old English: Eastermonað þe fyrst. The month was named after Austron, a goddess of fertility and spring, probably originally of sunrise, whose feast was celebrated at the spring equinox.

Interestingly “the” (þe above) was, before about 950CE, gendered in English as it is in most (European?) languages today: Masculine “se”; Feminine: “seo”; Neuter: “þæt” and Plural: “þa”.
Don’t you feel better for knowing that?


Grey wagtail with flies

Grey wagtail with flies

The wagtail, you might think, looks yellow rather than grey, however the Yellow wagtail[link] is much rarer, being only an endangered summer visitor here.

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The red crested pochards[link] were a treat that I didn’t identify until I got home and looked up what I’d got on camera. Someone asked me a couple of days later if I’d seen those “vampire ducks” on the pond.

April the twoth

Male mallards (that’s the brightly coloured ones) are extremely randy and pursue females without cease. I’ve seen males drown a female while fighting over mating.

Thrid o’ April

There are times when goldfinches seem to be the commonest birds around. I’m sure it’s only because their colouring makes them stand out so.

Fourth of the Fourth

Fifth of April

Played with one or two pics.

April 6





The 100th day of the year.
On this date in 1755 a guy called Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann was born in Meissen. Unfortunately he invented homeopathy – nuff said!.

That’s almost a third of the month done so I’ll call it a day.

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