Second April post

I wonder why I dislike sycamore trees so much.
   Most trees are graceful, beautiful or have attractive blossom or fruits.
Sycamores are horrid in every aspect.
   Dispersal method – scattering propellerised individual seeds over huuuge distances.
Fertility – seeds appear to grow into treelets with almost unfailing regularity
with little regard for appropriateness of position.
   They dribble sticky goo to anything below.
They drive out other trees by growing bloody fast and crowding them out.
    Sycamores are thought to have been introduced to the UK sometime in the Middle Ages and are therefore foreigners and should be expelled! (UKIP take note!)

Eleventh of April

Walked up to Thorpe Top Lock and back via the feeder and Brancliffe Grange farm. MMW[link]

Brancliffe farm is usually the first place that I see swallows every year.

The uploading process for some reason seems to randomise the order of these pics. Sorry.


The pear tree on the bank above the pond is beautiful when in blossom. A white fountain against the greenery.
Getting quite blasé about tufteds. They used to be overwinterers only but seem to be staying on longer this year. Aren’t they cute?
I said that goldfinches were increasingly common somewhere, didn’t I?


Shireoaks and back:MMW[link]

There’s the pear tree glowing white.
Cock pheasants are often audible – a harsh, grating croak, but not so often seen. A couple of years ago a pair nested and bred in one of the small copses on the north side of the pond but now that all the fences have been removed they won’t again. The only place remaining out of frequent human interruption is the swampy area to the north west.


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