Fifteenth April

Not to forget – you can see the pics bigger by double clicking ’em.
In any case it might interest you to cursor across the pics to see the captions.

What to start with?

“They” have started refurbishing the pond, at least partly to make it ‘wheelchair friendly’. First task was to rip up all the perfectly adequate paths preparatory to re-laying them. The north side of the pond was (inadequately) fenced off and the steps removed. The long flight had just, a couple of months ago, had a rather nice handrail fitted – this was removed and scrapped. At the time of writing, 29th/30th May, there has been little done: new steps, no handrails yet, and a bit of infilling and surfacing. The new surface – on about a quarter of the paths at present – consists of rolled fine grained stones slightly bigger than dust – love to see how that stands up to a 14 stone guy in a wheelchair. Apart from that they’ve put in a few fishing platforms and started a ramp to a couple of them. Talk about money down the drain! Oh and they’ve put two kissing gates at opposite sides, an associated vehicle gate seems to have gone in the pond already. From an initial spurt of five or six workers there now seem to be only two at any time. All they’ve succeeded in doing so far is making over half the pond inaccessible to anyone.

We’ve just (22nd May) had local council & European elections. There’s only the local results yet (writing this on Saturday).
The other day I was talking to (that’s a euphemism for being talked at) a dog walker on the rugby field. She came up with the phrase: “I’m not racist but …” before announcing her intention to vote UKIP! I do NOT understand how people can be taken in by the racist middle class CRAP that this mob shove. If you look at some of the things they stand for it turns out that they just want a return to 1950 – or earlier.

To lighten things up a bit:

I eat my peas with honey,
I’ve done it all my life.
It makes the peas taste funny
But it keeps them on the knife
either “Anon” or Ogden Nash, depending on where you look.

Tuesday the Fifteenth of April
in the
Two Thousand and Fourteenth year
of the
Common Era

Wed 16 Ap

Thursday 17th April

To Shireoaks[Link]



Friday eighteenth

Saturday 19

To Lindrick[Link]

Sunday 20th

To Lady Lee – no MMW

Monday 21st

Ducklings are becoming increasingly common.
I must apologise for the surfeit of pictures of them coming up but they’re so sweet!

22 April


Final eight days of April to come & then it’s on to MAY!

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