Last day of April 2014

Ever noticed how wild flowers seem to change colour through the year?
First it’s whites, then yellows, reds and finally blues. All subject to a bit of mixing or overlap, of course.
Also I love the way a pair of butterflies, species seems to be irrelevant, will spiral upwards in a “courting” dance before either parting for a while or joining on some leaf or twig. When I say “species seems to be irrelevant“, 99.99% of occasions it’s two peacocks, two brimstones or a pair of speckled woods but I have seen, for example, a white and a small tortoiseshell spiralling together but very, very, infrequently. Particular favourite buterflies at the moment are brimstones and blues. The former because they so seldom settle for the camera and the latter for their sheer beauty.

On with the pictures:

Thirtieth of April
Two thousand and fourteen

Train to Kiveton Park, walk to tunnel entrance and back down to Worksop[link]

First to town and back, then up to the station

And then on with the walk
Arbitrary gap

Another arbitrary gap

April’s done.
Only a month behind now (it’s June first as I type this)
Must do better!


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