May 2014


Missen: myself. (short i, soft ss, stress on second syllable)
“If ah has ter wait fer thee ter do it ahd as lief do it missen.”
If I have to wait for you to do it I might as well do it myself.
(Note: “lief” is apparently an old, very old, word meaning love (verb) the usage here is obvious)

Thissen: thy(your)self. (short i, soft ss, stress on second syllable)
As in the last line of the Yorkshireman’s creed:
“Ear all, see all, se nowt.
Hear all, see all say nothing.
“Eyt all, sup all, pay nowt.
Eat all, drink all, pay nothing.

“Never do owt fer nowt, burif tha az ter do owt fer nowt, do it fer thissen.”
Never do anything for nothing, but if you have to do anything for nothing, do it for yourself.

Is scrumping local or general English? Nicking fruit etc. from others’ property. We used to scrump rhubarb and take a screw of newspaper with sugar in to dip the rather sour stuff in.


Friday the Second of May 2014

Dunno what I did on the Thursday – no pics anyway.

Some grebe pics with chicks on the back:

Saturday 3rd

Courting orange tips:

That’s enuff for one post so I’ll get a few more done later

2 thoughts on “May 2014

  1. We used to scrump apples from a small orchard on Mount View Road. Two chaffinches on the front lawn this morning. I think they’re so pretty. When we put the (chopped up) bacon rinds out in the morning the magpies arrive almost before we’re back in the house but give way to the crow, then the robin gets a look in. A true pecking order.


    • I used to think that there were about four kinds of garden bird: sparrows, blackbirds, starlings and crows. Since I’ve been here I am amazed at the variety and beauty of the “common” ones.



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