May the fourth be with you

I have to apologise for the title but it’s almost compulsory that anything with this date be so named.
I love science fiction but not films! I’ve been reading the stuff since the fifties as I’ve mentioned elsewhere but can’t get to grips with it on film.
Partly, of course, it’s the sheer length of films that I find off-putting but it’s mainly the old one about the scenery being better in the imagination.
Also films seem to be more prone to bad ‘sequelisation’ than books – an exception is Frank Herbert’s excellent “Dune” that spawned endless crappy follow-ups unto the ‘n’th generation.
The “Star Wars/Trek” thing is totally outwith my comprehension, it seems to have taken the place of cowboy films.
Some films are acceptable – “Alien”, “2001 a Space Odyssey” – but I’d be hard pressed to name more. Fantasy’s a whole different ball game: “Lord of the Rings” is excellent (not seen “The Hobbit” yet) and there’s a lot of animations that are passable.

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Pics on the Fourth of May

Arbitrary break

Another arbitrary break

Still more arbitrary break

Monday 5th May


Tuesday 6th


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