Wednesday 7th May

While walking up and down the canal I often see the same people again and again. After a number of times, the meeting degenerates into:

“Ow do, tha o’ reight?”
“Eye, Arm OK, thar?”
“Eye, no` bad.”    (“no`” pronounced as “not” with the “t” glottled)
“Eye ‘appen. Sithee.”

There’s one or two who’ll stop and chat, often (with a gesture towards my camera):
“Owt worth snappin?”
To which my usual reply is along the lines of:
“Nowt unusual. Just a (insert “lapwing; chaffinch; buzzard; etc. as appropriate) or two.”

Anglers will usually ignore walkers so it’s up to me to make the overture:
“Doin’ owt?”. This is intended to be, and usually is, taken as a query about the success or otherwise of the fishing.
Ninety percent of fishermen will, without moving their fixed gaze from the float dangling from the rod, respond rather grudgingly along the lines of: “Not bad.”or “Only just set up.” or a gloomy “Nowt.”. You will get the occasional one who will give a list of the dozens of fish he’s got in his keep net.
Now, I know nothing about fish or fishing, or care about them or it for that matter, but, in a spirit of canalside camaraderie, I always try to have a chat with ’em. I generally leave with the traditional Englishman’s comment about the weather.
There’s about five or six fishermen I see so often that I call them (almost) friends – nice.

Narrowboat crew are a whole different kettle of fish. Apart from anything else they’re from places other than Worksop which makes them exotic. I enjoy helping them through locks and learning where they’re from and where they’re heading.
If you meet them en passant there’s little time for conversation but a lock assist means time for a talk.

Anyhow: on with the pics:

Wednesday the Seventh of May

Up to Shireoaks and back via Lady Leemap link

Ducklings galore – I have to apologise for the saccharinity[Is that a word? ‘Tis now!] of these pics but they are almost irresistible.

I saw the blue tits a while ago prospecting for a nest site. They obviously found this one and have bred successfully.

Crows don’t like buzzards, they’ll gang up on them but even alone will attack.

(over Shireoaks Woodland)

Back through Lady Lee nature reserve.



Enuff for now.


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