As previously, just pics and links to get it through quickly.
Maps when I remembered and it’s far enough.
Clicking on pics or links → Flickr.

Sunday the first of June

First lillies of the year
First lilies on the pond.
The rest: grebe, wagtail, damselfly, rose (dog), web and nettle.

2nd June

Ladybird taking centre stage
Ladybird on oxeye daisy.
Others: lily, grebe with chicks, damsels, sparrows, bees, crow, butterfly, cock pheasant, ladybird larva.

4th June

Steppin' out on the lily pads
Steppin’ out
More: finches, bull and chaff; sparrow; grebe with chicks; fly(!); poppies; pigeons; tit; Nb Hekla;young moorhen; wren, moth; bee.

5th June

Hunting grebe
Prowling grebe.
Stuff: Coots; grebes; bees; mallards; hoverfly; narrowboats; fly(!); workboat (weeder); butterfly; lilies; damsel.

6th June, Retford to Ranby

6th June retford rnby
Iconic view of Kings park bridge from the canal
Iconic view of Kings Park bridge from the canal
Moer: grebe; lily; thrush; blackbird; canal; crow; honeysuckle; insects; foxgloves; cootlings; damsels, mayflies; swallow; rabbits; chaffinch.

7th June

13 more: tit; snail; blackbird; cock pheasant; rabbit; goldfinch; drowned dolly; grebe; swans; moon.

Sunday the eighth of June; Turnerwood & back

To Turnerwood and back
That demned elusive pimpernel!
That damned elusive pimpernel
More pics (there’s more than 30 of them so why not click and look?)

9th June

Short Sharp Shower
It rained!
Just a bit but I did see a moth, a sparrow and, of course, the grebe family.

10th June, to Lady Lee

Lady Lee 10th June
Lady Lee’s swans have had young.
More pics: damsels; grebes; lilies; robin; wagtail; sparrow; that swan; brimstone; chaffinch.

11th June

There’s a few more: brand new ladybird; tiger moth (plane); poppy; chaff; lilies; grebes; butterflies.

12th June

12th June to turnerwoodTo Turnerwood and back.
Large skipper
Lots more: butterflies; sundry creepy crawlies; bee orchids; pimpernels; strawberries; lapwings; Marsh orchids; gooslings; chiffchaff; grebes.

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