Special snake edition July 21

Thought this was worth a special

Saw a snake swimming in the canal very near Worksop.
I’ve seen one before up on the top pound: here and Ian’s seen & photographed one just west of Morse Lock.
Apparently there’s loads of ’em but they’re very, very shy.

7 thoughts on “Special snake edition July 21

    • Snakes are said to be excellent pets but:
      Corn snakes should be fed pre-killed mice or small rats (small rats are only suitable for larger corn snakes). Hatchlings are started out on pinkie mice for feedings and the size of the prey is increased as the snake grows. The prey item can be as wide or a little wider than the snakes head. Young growing snakes should be fed a couple of times a week, while adults need only be fed one appropriately sized prey item every week or 10 days. http://exoticpets.about.com/cs/cornsnakes/a/cornsnakes_2.htm


  1. Remember seeing a grass snake swim through my uncle’s gardn pond in Somerset. Guess it just wanted to cool off. Ludo had pet snakes while at Uni in Bristol including quite a large constrictor. Sadly another flatmate had chipmunks, one of which escaped from its cage – but not from the clutches of Mr Snake!



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