Second post for June ’14

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Friday the thirteenth of June

Chaffinch in hawthorn.
More picslink.

Sat 14th

Speckled wood; they pose sometimes
Speckled wood butterfly.
The day’s picslink

Sun 15th

Chaffinch (composite)
Chaffinch artistically(?!) messed with.
Some other picslink.

Mon 16th

Beautiful honeysuckle
Rest of the daylink.

Tue 17th

Blue Tailed Damsel
Blue tailed damselfly.
The other stuff of the daylink (mostly damselflies).

Wed 18th

Skipper composite
Skipper butterfly composite
Rest of the daylink.

Thur 19th

Colourful moorhen chick
The many colours of a moorhen chick’s head.
Butterflies, moth, cat and another damselflylink.

Friday the twentieth of June

Bee orchid
Bee orchid
Damsels, moths, butterflies, grebes and loads o’ stufflink.

Sat 21st

Train to Kiveton Park & walk down home. - about 8 miles.

Train to Kiveton Park and walk down home. – about 8 miles.

Shunkly shield bug (what?)
Shiny shield bug (Forest bug – Pentatoma rufipes)
More picslink.

Sun 22nd

Broad bodied chaser dragonfly on the pond
Broad bodied chaser dragonfly
Damsels, butterflies, heron being mobbed, a bullfinch and other stufflink.

Mon 23rd

Pike eats moorhen chick
Pike with moorhen chick in its mouth.
Grebe chicks, sparrows, spider, damsels and other stufflink.

2 thoughts on “Second post for June ’14

    • Honeysuckle’s beautiful, as are the orchids — don’t last long though.
      Still (over a month later) having chicks on the canal. They mostly don’t last long either – there seems to be a 95% mortality rate.


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