June finished

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Tuesday the twenty-fourth of June in the two thousand and fourteenth year of the Common Era

Peacock caterpillars zoomed
Peacock caterpillars short term bloom. composite

More of the day: wasp, skipper, ringlet, meadow brown, damselfly, tortoiseshell, swan, comma, tufties, reed flower, blackbird.link


Swallow (composite)
Swift overhead.composite
Bird, but what bird? (composite)
What bird?composite
Bird, but what bird? (composite)
Might take some finding!composite
What else: meadow browns, skipper, crane fly, Damsels,Great, crested, grebes, frog, narrowboat, goldfinch, wild barley, duckfeeder.link

Thursday, 26th

Walk 26 06 14Today’s walk

DSC_7656hydroplaneDucklings hydoplaning back to mum

DSC_7903Caption requiredPigeons on the fence – storyline requested.

More pics: skipper, damsel, ringlet, tufty, beetle, dog rose, beetles, five spot burnet, flowers, duckling, grebes, tortoiseshell.link

Saturday 28th

In the reeds
Sparrows in the reeds at Godfrey’s Pond.composite

Skipper, meadow browns, damsel, narrowboatslink

Monday 30th June 2014

Aaaw (and still they come!)
And still they come …

Ringlet, robin, reed, grebes.link

2 thoughts on “June finished

  1. Love the caterpillars. Remind me of my childhood – I was always trying to ‘hatch’ caterpillars by keeping them on leaves in jam jars with a bit of muslin over the top. Are the pale birds flycatchers? Storyline – ‘Did you ‘ear about ‘er next door?’ Whispers in ear – ‘She …………!!!!’ ‘No! Well I go to me tea!!’ My Grandfather was frequently going to his tea or even to the foot of our stairs when amazed.


    • Peacock spiders newly hatched look like a mass of jet black wool decanted over the nettles (https://www.flickr.com/photos/susan_g/14432080086/). There were brown hairy caterpillars whose hairs stuck in you if you touched them – I’ve always been wary of contact.

      Over-the-garden-wall-ish? I rather saw them as lovers but couldn’t work out what they were saying.

      It was always “the foot of our stairs” that was gone to although memory stirs – I’ll prbably come back to that.




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