July first to fifteenth

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Tuesday the first of July in the two thousand and fourteenth year of the Common Era

Dog rose overhanging the towpath

Dog rose overhanging the towpath

There’s more: skipper(large), meadow browns, grebes, tortoiseshells, seeds, bug, goldfinch and a couple of narrowboatslink.

Wed 2nd

Nemo me impune lacessitNemo me impune lacessit

Moer: link

  • Speckled wood; tortoiseshell (small); ringlet; skipper (small and large); and comma butterflies;
  • a damselfly;
  • sailor beetles (at it!);
  • grebes with babies;
  • a grasshopper;
  • a fly;
  • wild oats (for sowing?);
  • thrushes
  • and a young rabbit.

Thur 3rd

DSC_9157Convolvulus arvensis Field BindweedConvolvulus arvensis or field bindweed – small colourful flowers that rapidly cover an area.
What else? Butterflies: meadow brown; small skipper; comma. Moths: shaded broad bar; yellow shell. Birds: grebes; magpies, blackbird. Pair of damselflies.link

Fri 4th

walk 04 07 14One of my more frequent ‘long’ walks


It’s a fair walk so there’s quite a few pics: Damsels, spider, butterflies, grebes (loads o’ grebes), lily, damsels, large skippers (they’re still small!), teasels (again), a buzzard, more butterflies, a lapwing, sailor beetles at it, a swallow over rapeseed, two rabbits and, just to finish with, an oak or northern, eggar moth (which I’ve never heard of before – or seen since) was in the hedge alongside the canal.link

Sat 5th

What dragonfly
A dragonfly of uncertain breed. Possibly a Souther Hawker

More: red admiral; commas; copulating damsels; dragonfly; robin; duckling (aaawww) and a small tortoiseshell.link

Sun 6th

mum and the three youngest
Mummy grebe with the three new young ‘uns.

Others: gatekeeper male head first, Jimmy lifting a pike on the pond, a small skipper, two biplanes, “as black as a tar barrel” a crow on a rugger field floodlight ready to fly down and interfere with the Tweedles’ battle, hoverfly on thistle, wild oats and a cock pheasant in among the rapeseed.link

Mon 7th

Bees at it
Bonking bees – quite a rare sight, I’m told.

What else: frog, meadow browns orgying, grasshopper, clover (hare’s foot), meadow brown on rose bay willow, ringlet on bramble, two generations of grebe, comma on bramble, family(?) of mink swimming along the canal, not so common hazel nut, multiple views of swifts, mummy grebe & the kids again and finally a couple of pics of meadow browns.link
The mink were quite a surprise as I didn’t know they’d reached here.
The grebe parents abandoned their first batch of chicks when the new ones hatched. The older ones have subsequently disappeared. I suspect they were too young to be able to fly off and have in effect starved or been predated to death.

Tuesday 8th

Moon. Not bad for handheld?
One of my better pics of The Moon
(you can imagine what the worse ones look like)

Pics:gatekeeper, meadow browns, grasshopper, view of St John’s spire down the canal, damselfly, fish!, Nb Wigtwizzle*, aaaaawwwww, bee and another meadow brown, this time with a small tortoiseshell.link
*(Wigtwizzle is also the name of a small wood in Sheffield – google it!)

Weds 9th

Large skipper butterfly on bramble flower

Things: blackberries; ringlet; treble bar moth; blue tailed damse; small tortoiseshell; comma; Nb Rosewood; hazelnuts; more small tortoiseshells and a couple of courting green veined whites.link

Thur 10th

So very smug looking duck
White duck with his mallard mate on the canal

Butterflies: ringlet; gatekeeper; skipper (small) and comma.link

Fri 11th

Walk 11 July 14Stroll up to Shireoaks.
Gatekeeper (Composite)

There’s more: butterflies, birds, moths, strange beasty, rabbits, dragonfly, heron, flowers, bee, narrowboat (Meander), grebes, narrowboat (Maggie May), AWACS, more butterflies, mint moth, banded demoiselle. link
Someone identified the strange beast for me but I didn’t note it down. The Plane is a Boeing E3 Sentry, presumably en route to Robin Hood airport (used to be RAF Finningley)

Sat 12th

Ranby to Worksop 12th July 14Bus to Ranby and walk home along the canal towpath.

Does my bum look big in this?
Does my bum look big in this?

More:link Butterflies, swallows, soldier beetles orgying, Scofton Church across the fields, sweet little long tailed tits.
Banded demoiselle, flowers, teasel, courting whites, bridges, comma, snail.

Sun 13th

Reed blooms
Male flowers like miniature brussel sprouts.


Moer:link Hoverfly on convolvulus, a patient heron, kingfisher flashing across the pond, goldfinhches looking annoyed, a couple of narrowboats (Wigtwizzle and Rosewood) moored at the Lock Keeper, a cock pheasant disturbed in a rapeseed field, wild barley, ruby red reed flowers and a comma to finish the day.

Monday 14th

DSC_4270Green veined white
T’ others:link large skipper, male gatekeeper, camouflaged grasshopper, dandelionish flower, NUTS, passing heron, rooks, four boats in convoy and a final miserable looking heron on the rugby field.

Tuesday the fifteenth of July in the year two thousand and fourteen

DSC_4509Male small skipper

Still morelink: gatekeepers, a moth, skipper and green veined white.

More from July to come soon.

4 thoughts on “July first to fifteenth

  1. Baby rabbits are called kittens, or kit for short…. They come in litters.
    They hop about on hillsides waiting for Jess. She is so pleased to see them her yips can be heard for great distances, and the rabbits run away. No rabbit pie at our house.


    • See rabbits most days when walking but only fleetingly as I turn a corner on a path – almost any path round here. I actually knew that (kittens) but I’d had a “senior moment” and it had gone. Saw a weasel (or was it a stoat?) at the same place once.



  2. Senior moments are really good fun, nicht wahr?
    KWA 593 was the registration number of my Dad’s first car – the 1948 Sunbeam Talbot.
    And the number of mine? I know the last three letters because I need to enter them in car parks, but the first?
    Anyway last time I parked I entered the last three digits of the last car.


    • Ha! My dad’s second car (a vauxhall victor I think) was AON 240 (B?). That’s the only vehicle reg I recall – can’t remember what his first car was. Couldn’t even tell you for certain the make/model of most vehicles I’ve had – that’s just ’cause I don’t care for motors.



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