the sixteenth of july onward

Carry on clicking the pics and links to see ’em bigger

Clicked on the wrong button: didn’t mean to “publish” this but heyho!

Wed 16th July

DSC_4830Ragwort is popular with gatekeepers and a skipper

Also:link meadow brown, froggy, sparrer, grasshopper, green veined white, moths, heron, grebe family, more butterflies, poppies and roses.

Thursday 17th July

buswalk clumber.jpgBus to Wilko and thence a walk round Clumber Park.

DSC_5754Green woodpeckerGreen woodpecker on the grass next to the lake.

And:link butterflies, birds, bees, blooms, bugs, botany and beauty!

Friday 18th

DSC_6356In a puddle
Bug, happy in a puddle.

Another few:link butterflies, a moth, frog (toad?), hoverthing, another puddle living beast and a dancing blackbird.

Saturday 19th July

DSC_6514You going“You leaving, then?”

Just four more:link meadow brown, gatekeeper and goldfinch.

No pics Sunday.

Mon 21st

DSC_6650Courting couple compositeWith stripeA couple of gatekeepers ready for mating.

and sundry butterflies, birds and boats and things but …


… this was also the day of the snake!link
DSC_6767Grass snake in the Chesterfield canal


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