22nd July ’14 onward …

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Maps are there only if the day’s walk was more than town & back.

Tuesday 22nd July – Marina and back

Up the canal, along Shireoaks Woodland and back to town via the Marina.14 07 22

Gatekeepers have taken over from meadow browns as the most often seen butterfly. Here on hare’s foot clover.DSC_6913Gatekeeper on hare's foot clover

Wednesday 23rd

Similar walk but not to the marina.14 07 23

Seeing a bit of a resurgence(?) sparrows are always nice to see.DSC_7362F Sparrow

The banded demoiselle damselflies were courting and fighting on Haggonsfield Lock bywash. These are all male – never noticed a female.

Thursday 24th

Up to Lindrick Dale – met Ian at Duke’s Bridge.24 July Walk to Lindric w Ian

Gatekeeper butterfly, The dark stripes across the wings show it to be male.DSC_7993Gatekeeper

Friday 25th

Only up to Deep Lock and down to town

Saturday 26th

Up to Shireoaks Woodland and then back via Lady Lee.
Walk 26 July 14

Coming back down the harvested rape field caught sight of a green woodpecker – unfortunately a fair distance away.f9963200Woodpecker

Sunday 27th

Not a lot.

More soon