August beginneth

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Friday the first of August in the two thousand and fourteenth year of the Common Era

Gatekeepers really love ragwort.
DSC_9892Gatekeepers on ragwort

Speckled woods are resurgent and here’s a great tit.


The great tit landing and a couple of pics of what I think is the prettiest boat on the canal: Nb Phoenix Lady.
Small coppers are rather rare around here although they’re supposed to be gregarious and almost swarmynew word alert.
Male gatekeepers have the “sex band” across their fore wings making them rather obvious,


A female Gatekeeper – they’re so pretty when their whole wings are visible – they do like ragwort.
The Canada geese were flying in from the north to touch down on the pond – they didn’t stay long.
Spiders are omnipresent – apparently there’s about 40,000 known species in the world and you’re always within three feet of onelink (sorry arachnophobes).


Sat 2nd

There’s a small patch of lilies on the pond almost in front of ‘peg one’.DSC_0148Water Lily on the pond


Sun 3rd

Up to Shireoaks “Woodlands” as the old mine spoil tip is now known. They’ve done a good job of ‘reclaiming’ it.
A speckled wood head first.
DSC_0239Speckled wood head on

First, round the pond and up the canal:

The coot was chipping morsels off the floating windfall apple and passing them to the chick.
Speckled woods and spiders are really more obvious now. Damselflies are reducing in numbers but gatekeepers are really blooming – they love ragwort.
Flies love ragwort too – don’t forget that flies are rather good at reducing that bane of walkers (dogshit) to earth – so I quite like flies.
The mummy duck was guarding her remaining chicks as they slept and the heron was in the rapeseed field hoping for mice.
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Here’s a green veined white on knapweed.
DSC_0349Green veined white on knapweedWhen I were a kid I only knew approx three butterflies: Whites, Peacocks ( which included all the variously patterned beasties) and brown ‘uns; all others were moths. I still have to think about some of them (the various whites for example) but I can now ID most.

Young alder trees (why are there so many here? They seem to be the dominant tree.) have such a variety of leaf colours. The Goldfinch so reminded me of a meercat. Even though it’s a rubbish pic, I had to share it.
Knapweed is a popular nectar source – here there’s a large white and a strange yellow fly.


A common blue on bird’s foot trefoil, a yellow sea of fleabane and two year’s alder cones on one branch.


On the top of the ‘Tip’ there’s a rather fine view, here’s almost due south:DSC_0429Sunday morning view south from Shireoaks tip top


There are skylarks in the fleabane filled grass meadow and butterflies show their appreciation of the flowers.

The first pic is a composite of two ‘shopped together but the second is a genuine pair of larks. Peacocks have been less common this year than formerly but the occasional view is always stunning. Even the underside of the wing is noteworthy for its texture.


Back towards Worksop there’s banded demoiselle males doing dance battles on Haggonfields lock bywash. Down at the Lock Keeper Nb Squirrel Away complete with Shaun the Sheep and Bitzer was heading for Stret Lock.DSC_0544Banded demoiselles at Haggonfields lockDSC_0586Nb Squirrel Away at the Lock Keeper


Monday 4th

This typifies the summer at Godfrey’s pond for me – a gatekeeper butterfly on ragwort:DSC_0648Ragwort with gatekeeper


Dunno if it’s a wasp or hoverfly but it’s certainly getting well stuck in. Another common visitor – a green veined white on ragwort.


Pure white among the pigeons.
Four chicks still.
Narrowboat Evolution between Town and Morse locks.
Landing swan – graceful they’re not.


Tuesday 5th

Didn’t do much:

I didn’t see the cinnabar caterpillars until I was back home on the computer – observant, am I not? The pigeon was standing sentry on the school fence at the top of the pond. The grebe chick was obviously begging its parent for food – and being ignored.


Wednesday 6th

A view that I try to remember to take every time I pass this point. Saint John’s Church spire in line with the canal.
DSC_0908Chesterfield canal at WorksopI might remember to make a movie out of all the pics some day – showing the seasons’ effects on the canal.


Accidentally clicked on “publish” – must do better

2 thoughts on “August beginneth

  1. Look forward to seeing the “seasons” movie.I was going to do the same with pictures of the tree opposite our house – it was a poor summer and all the pictures were of a grey tree looming out of grey mist, and I got fed up. And anyway, as you know, photography is not in my blood!



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