Second bit of May

More of the same,
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May 12th

Walk to Lindrick DaleGoogle map. Round the pond, up to Cinderhill via Shireoaks Woodlands (tip), across to Brancliffe Farm, Moses Seat and Lindrick Dale then round back down the canal via Fan Field Farm and Thorpe and Turnerwood locks. Had the obligatory ice cream cornet at Turnerwood; I must photograph one sometime.

The grebes don’t seem to be procreating – the nest is untenanted.

The yellow bird is a greenfinch – an occasional visitor to the pond. Herb robert is a delicate pink flower that looks quite similar to the commoner red campion. I do like skies.

The yellow of lesser celandine and dandelion in the fields is being replaced by that of buttercups. I just looked at Wikipedia – turns out that buttercups and lesser celandine are both members of the Ranunculus genus.
I’m rarely certain of identification of chiffchaffs, they’re so similar to willow warblers, but this one I heard giving its characteristic “tchiff tchaff” call.
Ramsons (that’s not a plural – one plant is called ramsons) are beginning to bloom under the trees – there’s carpets of white in some places. Insects generally love them.
At Brancliffe Farm a horse chestnut tree is covered with beautiful candles.
The small white is one of the commonest butterflies around but rarely settles for long enough to photograph.

Brancliffe Grange Farm

Brancliffe Grange Farm

Panorama (14 pics) taken from the edge of the wood, Moses’ Seat, to the North of the farm. (I do like clouds!)

Path through ramsons next to the feeder

Path through ramsons next to the feeder

I like this picture!

What did I say about carpets of white ramsons? The violet and wild strawberry were both on the top of the cliff above the quarry.

Back on the canal down at Turnerwood, the wagtail was hunting insects for its nestlings. No idea where the nest is.
The canadas were shepherding their brood around the bywash. I was rather taken with my title “back pack jack” for the girl cycling down to Cinderhill with her dog.
There’s loads of white dead nettles, archangels, around but yellow aren’t so common.

Narrowboat Aegir was just leaving Shireoaks lock flight.
Sparrows are cute, no?
No idea what the weird plant is, the spike was over six inches long.
The pheasant and rabbit were in the rugby field below Morse Lock.

Our local kestrel was hanging about. At first over the pond and then low in the trees around the field between rugby field and caravan park.


Just up to Deep Lock and back down to the shops.

Don’t often see Tufted ducks in flight.
Sparrows are around all he time.
Narrowboat Aitch left his fenders down and got stuck in Deep Lock – first I’ve seen jammed there.
Another of the large broods around.


→ deep → town

Thought the gimpy tufted duck had vanished but no! 🙂
There’s rarely a cormorant on the pond – this one didn’t stay long.
Walking up the canal I snapped the hen pheasant in the paddock over the cut.
Robins are photogenic – this one was quite distant.
Coming back down, the hen pheasant was on the towpath but flew back across the canal as I approached.
Thrushes have a quite distinctive ‘liquid’ song.
The Kestrel was over the pond.


To Shireoaks Woodlands and back.

Mouse over pics for captions.



The dunnock on the fence post is my most viewed picture on Flickr at some 4800. No idea why!

2 thoughts on “Second bit of May

  1. Think your spike is “cuckoo pint”. Watch out for a spike of red berries.

    And this is a line I was told to remember 50 years ago, so I did.
    “Annihilating all that’s made
    To a green thought in a green shade”.
    Andrew Marvell

    Ramsons under trees by a watery path?


    • How could such sweet and wholesome hours
      Be reckon’d but with herbs and flow’rs!

      Not heard the Marvell before but ‘had we but world enough and time …’

      Couldn’t find the spike again 😦



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