A (little) bit more February

Why does February have an ‘r‘ in the middle? Most folk, those I know anyway, pronounce it Febyouary.

“late 14c., ultimately from Latin februarius mensis “month of purification”, from februare “to purify,” from februa “purifications, expiatory rites” (plural of februum “means of purification, expiatory offerings”), which is of uncertain origin, said to be a Sabine word”.
“The Old English name for it was solmonað “mud month”. English first borrowed the Roman name from Old French Feverier, which yielded Middle English Feverer, Feoverel, etc. (c. 1200) before the 14c. respelling to conform to Latin”. From here

I like Solmonað (That’s pronounced Solmonath, of course), Mud Month describes Feb to a T, I walk every most days and arrive home muddy up to the knees. Up to now we’ve not had any really nasty weather this month; it snowed t’other evening but was mostly gone by morning and we get frosty mornings skimming the canal with ice which also is mostly gone by the afternoon.

Re: the quote above: it’s authored by an American; they put punctuation (commas, full stops, etc.) inside quote marks – it’s just so wrong!

Confession: I did walk and photograph on Monday 8th Feb but had an unfortunate brain freeze or similar that made me delete the pics! I erroneously thought I’d transferred them to t’computer so deleted off cameras when off out on Tuesday. Merde!

NOBODY spotted – or at least commented – that I’d headed last Sunday’s entry the 6th instead of the 7th. Ha!

As usual I’ll urge you to click the pics to see ’em bigger – worth it IMHO. You can see them herelink on Flickr if that’s what floats your boat.

Here beginneth the screed

Up to Shireoaks Woodlands with Molly.link

The pond. A panorama pic and two of clouds; one of which I’ve ‘desaturated’ (taken out the colour), dunno if I like it?
Female hazel flowers are everywhere now – well everywhere there’s hazel trees that is!


You might have to look twice to see the wren, I know I do and I know where it is.
Looks as if we’ve finished with goosanders for the year – only one or two present for the next couple of days.
The tufted duck is ‘Gimpy’ he must be three or four years old by now. Presumably he was attacked by a dog or similar as his right wing and leg are both damaged.
A final ‘ponderama’ of the day just ’cause I like doing ’em.


Molly bounding across the rugby field – ears flapping.
The departing bird is a kestrel disturbed, by me unfortunately, from its treetop perch.
Must have snapped these teasels a hundred times by now. They’re at the side of what I think was a settling pond for canal dredgings.
Robins are definitely the least wary of birds. They often pose for photographs.


Panoramas from Shireoaks Woodlands


Lichen, more lichen.
The Antonov aircraft is the biggest I’ve ever seen – it’s enormous. I suspect I’ve seen it, or its twin, before though. The Emirates aircraft was passing at the same time as the Antonov and the photo is at the same settings. The Antonov looks near enough to touch but was higher than some of the clouds – big plane!
The ‘close the gate or else’ notice is on the back entrance to what once was the Sandhill Arms but is now residential.


2 thoughts on “A (little) bit more February

  1. The image of teasels is very interesting – I had to look at it twice before I “saw” them. At first it seemed to be an enlargement of a pitted surface – the teasel heads being the pits. Of course, now I can only see teasels.
    It’s somewhat alarming how long it takes the old brain to catch up…
    And I like the desaturated clouds. Would it be different if you’d shot in black and white?

    Liked by 1 person


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