Some more of February

Catching up slowly.
Click pics to see ’em bigger. Or you can click the ‘Flickr’ links.

Wednesday 10th


Lone goosander – the flocks of a dozen or more seem to have ceased, leaving the odd singleton or couple to visit.
Not very often a magpie’ll tolerate this close an approach.
Bluetits bobble about all over. Often in the company of long tailed tits.
Accidental catch of a robin’s spread wing.


Fence posts can grow moss gardens.
Robins are without a doubt cheeky wee beasts.
Think the lone bird is a greenfinch – could be wrong.
More goosanders.
There’s quite a few starlings around but they usually hang out among the houses and roost on tv aerials.


Thursday 11th


Spring must be in the air: coots are becoming very territorial, kicking rivals out of their patch.
For one of the country’s commonest birds I don’t see many chaffinches round here.
Down the canal towards town there’s a lone plum tree that’s usually the first of its species to bloom – round here at least.


Friday 12th


The hazel flower is about 3mm across – tiny!
A goosander pair; male with dark green head, female red head and ragged back of the neck.
Great tits are singing merrily at the tops of trees.
Can’ imagine anything that would make me ride a paraglider. I’m a real acrophobe – heights are terrifying.
A heron flew above following the canal. I managed to get some nice pics as it passed.
Yet another robin. 🙂
Willows are beginning to show their catkins.

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