March begins

Did I mention that I’ve bought one of those things to cut cheese consisting of a small slab of marble with a wire?

Cheese cutter

Cheese cutter

Here ’tis – with some Extra Mature Cheddar on half a Tuc biccie. I usually pig out on Stilton but my local M&S food recently had a fridge breakdown and (horrors!) chucked a load of cheese away. Isn’t that a bit daft? Cheese is basically rotten milk – all M&S’s is sealed so how could it go off(er)? In passing why does cheese have a ‘BEST BEFORE’ date?

March (the month): replaced Old English hreðmonaþ, the first part of which is of uncertain meaning, perhaps from hræd “quick, nimble, ready, active, alert, prompt”.

Please click the pics to see ’em bigger.

Tuesday the First of March 2016

The tufted duck is ‘Gimpy’, he’s got a duff right wing and right leg – at a guess the result of coming up against a dog – he’s been like that for about four years now, so getting on a bit.
For two days Morse Lock was fenced off with a load of C&RT men working on it. They eventually managed to remove the obstruction, a traffic bollard, from the paddle tunnel which it had been blocking for some four years. These are the two best pictures I could get from outside the barrier.
Goldfinches are becoming more apparent around the pond.
Mallards are sex mad any time of year but springtime brings out the maniac in them.


Wed 2nd Mar ’16

‘Twas a cloudy day. I like clouds – from a photography POV.
Really, click the pics to see ’em bigger.
Pond and the view from the canal towpath along Stubbing Lane. There’s at least six ‘Stubbing Lanes’ on Google search – from Skipton to Sheffield – wonder why.
The Environment Dept have a little hut next to the River Ryton at Stubbing Lane where they monitor river levelslink. It’s next to a very shallow ‘V’ shaped weir. As I write this the level’s showing 0.663M – over halfway up the ‘Typical Range’.
Up at the top of town there’s the ‘Old Ship’ that used to be a pub but is now empty and for sale as a restaurant.(please ignore ‘Old Swan’ references)


Þurresdæg Thrid Hreðmonaþ Sixtyne

To Shireoaks Woodlands.

On the pond there’s only one swan visible – the other’s either buggered off or is sneaking about in the reeds at t’other end.
Every time I walk round the pond I like to make a panorama pic. Because I can.
The solo grebe is still using the plank as a somewhat unusual perch.
The first coltsfoot flower I’ve noticed.
This is the other grebe scooting up the pond.


Great tits are doing their courting thing – sitting in the topmost branches of hedges making a rather monotonous ‘tcheep’.
Dunno if this quite common blemish is a lichen. There’s a few lichen pics herelink.
Inside the sludge pond just near Wood End there’s an interestingly reflected reed that reminds me of the Euro symbol: €.


On to Shireoaks Woodlands:
I thought horses, except towing horses, were barred from the towpath.
Oak trees are host to more species than any other tree in the UK. I read this somewhere but can’t find it now. This one’s plentifully supplied with lichen.
Gorse are blooming here as everywhere.
The stump full of fungus is on the towpath just outside Shireoaks Marina.(that’s a composite pic – not how it really looks)
Harry Lauder’s Walking StickGoogle link is a variety of hazel – here’s male and female flowers. This small tree is alongside Shireoaks Middle Lock.


Back down at the Rugby Field there’s plenty of wildlife. Rabbits and blackbirds feed among the molehills.
Strange white animals chew sticks.
This crow has a broken top beak, I think I’ve seen it beforelink.
Robins are always singing at this time of year.

For anyone on a mobile or cellphone, here’s the header pic:



2 thoughts on “March begins

  1. Love the reflections pics – the gimpy tufty and euro. There’s something rather compelling about seeing mirror images, isn’t there? Always worry when mallards are “at it” – I understand the female is lucky if she survives!

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    • Yes, I do like reflections – I always (if I remember) try to keep reflections of waterfowl in the pic.
      Thought this female had snuffed it – she dived away from the attentions of two drakes and emerged fifty feet away down the canal. I saw a female drowned last year – she wound up floating upside down.

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