A Wazzock Wonders

Things I think while walking.

Anyone remember a song or ditty that included the words: “I’m going back to imazaz” continuing “To imazaz the pub next door”. There’s loads of quotes of just those words on t’internet but I can’t find a whole song.
“(S)He isn’t as green as he’s cabbage looking” An old expression from Yorkshire meaning: “I may look new to this, but I’m not”.



Hands up those who recall Fife Robertson the archetype BBC Scottish reporter “Hellooo therrr, I’m Fyfe Robertson”. (The rather awful sassenach’s Scots is a direct copy from Wikipedia) Can’t imagine why he came to mind.

“Anybody’s for a little apple” was a saying that I seem to recall but I can’t find it anywhere on t’web. It implied that someone was easily influenced.
“They were only playin’ leapfrog” is from the musical “Oh What a Lovely War”. I have, obviously false, memories of hearing this song when I was a kid. The stage musical was staged in 1963 but I can’t imagine that I heard it before the film in 1969.
I’ve previously mentionedlink “The Goon Show” – a staple of my late night internet listening. The more you listen to itlink the more you realise how much ahead of its time(it was broadcast mainly in the fifties) the show was. There are several recurrent ‘jokes’ “Hugh Jampton”link (Rhyming slang: huge (Hampton Wick) prick) has been previously remarked. There’s often repeated mentions of “it’s his turn in the barrel” which refers to an old dirty joke about lonely sailorslink. Strangely this isn’t mentioned in Wikipedia. As it was an era of extreme, by today’s standards, prudishness and indeed censorship, these must have relied on the ‘out of touchness’ of the upper echelons of the BBC.
The other broadcasts of that era that really pushed the boundaries of ‘decency’ were the two Kenneth Horne vehicles: first “Beyond Our Ken” written by Eric Merriman and second “Round The Horne” chiefly written by Barry Took and Marty Feldman. Highly recommended!
See herelink for some excellent radio programmes on t’net.

Click the pics to embiggen.

Sunday the Twenty Seventh of March ’16

The pond ‘Hugined’.
Two views of a grebe.
The canal with the pond at my back.
Not seen so often now – a long tailed tit. They’ve left their flocks and are foraging singly and in pairs.
Blackthorn blossom is so beautiful.


Mon 28 Mar

More grebe.
A canada goose posing.
This picture really shows why this fungus is called jelly ear.
Ivy fruit is food for loads of birds in the otherwise fruitless spring.


Tuesday 29th

(these pics are in exactly the wrong order, timewise)

Rugby field rabbits staying close to the safety of the hedge.
A dunnock singing merrily on a bramble stem.
This grebe is behaving in a most ungrebish way – sitting on a floating plank. So uncommon to see grebes out of the water but this one spends a heck of a lot of time here.
There’s a pair of greylags that seem to have made their home on the pond.


Panorama of the pond (boooooring)
A rather gorgeous tufted duck drake.
Moss mixes well with lichen.
South from Lady Lee bridge on the Chesterfield Canal.
Lesser celandine still blooming over the canal.


That plank sitter grebe again.
This tufty’s the one that was injured a few years ago. It can’t fly and walks with a pronounced limp (pronounced “limp”).
A view down a blackthorn blossomed pathway.
Silver birches have catkins which at this time are hard as wood. These are male catkins. I’ve only just found out about m and f catkins so I’ll look for females soon.



Rather over the top with the panoramas today.

Clouds over St Anne’s. Viewed from inside the John St. gate.
The grebe on the plank across the pond. It had departed by the time I got round there.
The first of the day’s panoramas. The pond of course.
Can’t recall whether these were two grebes or the same one twice. Interesting (or not?) how they’ll swim along the surface with their bodies part submerged.


Panos: Pond, pond, canal daffs, canal lesser celandines.


When I’m walking Molly I’ll have two pond visits. Here’s the second on my way to town.

Grebe having a fluffing session.
Grebe just cruising.
Three more panos.


Thursday 31st March

You’ll need to get accustomed to these panorama shots if you stay here.

First a couple of ‘ponderamas’.
Then a grebe having a stretch. As I’d mostly seen this behaviour in a recent ‘eggsitter’ after being relieved, I rather thought that there must be a nest in the vicinity.
I eventually found it in amongst the reeds with one or other parent in situ. Had I not seen the departing bird behaving like this I would never have looked for the nest.


As usual there’s ‘little brown jobs’ that I can’t identify with certainty. I think the first pic here is a chiffchaff, but I’m prepared to be told otherwise.
A couple of panos, one of the field south from the Lady Lee bridge and one of Stret Lock bottom.
The Helicopter came yay low and possibly landed in the industrial estate beyond Sainsbury’s.


Narrowboat Dove came up from Morse lock.
Flybe have either started or increased their routes from Finningley (Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield).
Blue tits are smashing little birds.
Back on the pond, one of the grebes is still on the nest.
Robins are still carolling merrily from tree tops.
A ‘little brown job’ that I can’t certainly identify.


That’s March done!

3 thoughts on “A Wazzock Wonders

  1. Glad to see the pictures of your sloes. I’ve not been anywhere lately where it would be sensible to look for them.
    And they’re too hard to gather with a frisky terrier so I’ve been buying damsons and making damson gin. A definite upside is having slightly picked damsons to eat. Had some on my breakfast this morning, which is why you’re getting all this useless information.
    Like the tufty. Such clean clear lines.
    Don’t remember our wireless ever being turned on, but yours always was. So I missed the programmes you mention first time round.

    Liked by 1 person


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