The Wazzock’s Back

All the way from China!

All the way from China!

After a while off line – computer refused to acknowledge the existence of the internet for reasons best known to itself, I is back! My pictures are taken on camera (not phone) and are up to ten megabytes and more each so there’s no way I could upload them via the phone. For the last month I’ve been loading and editing them on the computer and downloading them to a terabyte external drive. Now I’ve got a new computer and, after pratting about with de-windozing it (i.e downloading Ubuntu Linux from the net and installing it) and putting Gimp, Shotwell, Chrome etc. etc. … on it, I’m ready to put some pics on t’net again. I thought I’d ordered a machine with Ubuntu already installed but apparently not.

Just as a taster here’s a gallery of pics from my roaming around Sheffield town centre last Saturday. There’s some excellent graffiti and other stuff there. Clicking to embiggen is recommended.

The long silver water feature is apparently supposed to represent a knife blade – can’t see it myself. The fish and the lion are on the side of the Student’s union building (originally created as the National Centre for Popular Music). The Attenborough pic is on a Charles Street wall. There’s a whole load of really beautiful graffiti around the centre of the town.There’s a whole load more graffiti there that I’ve got to hunt out.

Should be putting some more up soon.

5 thoughts on “The Wazzock’s Back

  1. Good to have you back! Are the Ruby and Who’s That Girl pictures related? Really mage me wonder – the church like background, lilies associates with the Virgin Mary and often used at funerals/ graveside plus the apparent gap in the head – so many questions.



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