End of April

Mouse over for captions, click for bigger.

On some of my walks I use “map my walkLINK” you can join for nowt and then see where I’ve been. I’ll link when I remember – click on ‘MMW’.


Passing kestrel:

Grebe family on their first outing:




See the blue of the swallows


Only May, June & most of July to go to catch up.

4 thoughts on “End of April

  1. I’m glad to see pictures again, even if it is a bit unnerving to be reminded of ducklings!
    Have you been well?
    I’ve missed what the wisdom of the wazzock would have to say about the interesting weeks we have just lived through. But there’ll be more to come, especially from over the pond.


    • There’s still a few mallards, coots and moorhens having young.
      The wazzock’s well, thanks. You & yours?
      The wazzock is totally pissed off with the current state of the world. Trump is awful, Mrs Clinton’s not triffic; Brexit is a tragedy; T May’s Thatcher revisited (Boris!); the only good thing about is Corbyn but the parliamentary crowd!

      Don’t watch the news for obvious reasons. (Don’t want depressing)




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