September – first week

On again. Don’t forget you can click the pics to see ’em bigger.

Thursday September First 2016

More of the same, or at least similar.

There’s one south facing grassy slope that has grasshoppers skulking in warm weather.
Spiders build webs in the brambles alongside the paths around the pond.
There’s aircraft overhead most of the day. This is one of the small ones.
Usually its the coots that fight but here they’re looking on while a couple of female (or juvenile?) mallards have at it.
This has got to be the prickliest plant around.


Think this is a wasp on the ragwort.
You’d never get me up in one of those. A ‘Pegasus Quik’ out of Netherthorpe airfield.
Two of the old familiar beasties: the rugby field heron and the basking terrapin..


Monday 5th September

Chestnuts, not horse chestnuts, on a tree west of the pond.
A bee takes advantage of the everpresent gorse flowers.
The hoverfly’s on hawkweed.
Spider’s webbing in the brambles.
Being watched by a speckled wood.

The aircraft is a ‘Slingsby Firefly’ – don’t you feel better for knowing that?
Molly was quite keen to greet a horse. Or is it a pony? What’s the difference?
Whichever, they seemed to get on quite well.
The ladybird is, I suspect, one of the invading harlequins.

Flies aren’t welcome but they’re beautiful if looked at without prejudice.
The chopper is one of the National Grid’s; often seen overhead. They have IDs: G-RIDx.
A little bee on a dead nettle or archangel.
The terrapin’s at the farthest west I’ve seen it, just below Morse Lock.


Tuesday 6th September

A speckled wood on the new(ish) metal fencing at the top of the pond.
There’s more and more spiders building more and more webs in the brambles.
The green buggy thing is a shield bug instar. This particular one is imaginatively known as a green shield bug.

Instar is the name given to the developmental stage of an arthropod between moults. For example, after hatching from the egg and [sic] insect is said to be in its first instar. When the insect moults it is then a second instar and so on. From here


The heron was perched overlooking the canal, I’ve seen it on there before.
Up at the Lock Keeper Narrowboat Dragon was moored. I played about with its emblem a bit in the computer.

Ivy flowers are budding up – they provide food for insects in the late autumn and the seeds for birds in winter and early spring.
The heron moved up the canal towpath.
There’s still a few bramble flowers for the bees.
Down the canal are two terrapins stacked up on a reed.


Wednesday 7th September

Spiders, turtle, dragonflies and a tiny, about 2cm long, frog.


Thursday 8th September

Small white on ragwort.
Speckled wood.


Saturday 10th September

There’s a load of wood chippings at the east end of the pond and there’s a new load o’ fungi growing thereon.
Long tailed tits are emerging from cover and scooting around in cheerful flocks.
The helicopter is (apparently) a Robinson R44 Astro. Mmmmm nice.
Boring old rugby field heron.


Monday 12th September

Round the pond:
Speckled wood, assortment of spiders, Narrowboat Old Sam passing on the canal, the sole grebe that’s still here and a tiny(less than 10mm across) moth on convolvulus.

The rugby field heron had moved to the adjacent newly ploughed field.
Con trail high above.
Molly crossing Morse Lock’s top gate.

160912_151156_200himalayan-two-years-afterA couple of years ago the local council – or similar – sprayed a patch of himalayan balsam with some kind of herbicide. It seems to be still working – and only on that plant.


4 thoughts on “September – first week

  1. Is it a frog or a toad? I’m not sure of the difference. Serena has some big toads in the garden of her new house who love a rainstorm. The terrapins in the canal fascinate me. I presume that they were unwanted pets. There are ivy flowers outside my kitchen window that the wasps are loving – as you say – one of the last sources of food before winter. Haven’t seen any dragonflies round here for a long time. Thank you for another great blog, lovely pics!


  2. that Mollie is a feisty little pup
    my own is a bit of a wimp – I blame the owners – think I would carry her down that girder. But then, I’m not sure I would be too happy on the girder – I blame the owners…



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