It’s still September

If I’m not careful I’ll catch up with myself, blogging at this rate.

Tuesday 20th September ’16

A “Grade ‘A’, grey day”* on the pond. What’s the correct spelling of GREY (or GRAY) anyhow? Apparently gray is used more in the U.S of A. but grey elsewhere although either is OK wherever you are. see herelink.
Ivy flowers have pollen covered stamens to coat wasps, bees, flies and hoverflies when they come for the nectar.
The seeds of the sycamore spiral slowly down helicoptering as they go. The low speed of descent allows the wind to carry them far afield. I hate sycamores. They spring up any- and every-where and grow so fast that other trees have little chance to compete.
* say that aloud and it’s just the same thing twice. ‘Tis in my vernacular anyhow.

Wednesday 21st September

Had an acccident with the SD card after I'd copied one picture off it to send to Molly's owner and consequently have only the one pic to show. 😦

Molly and the doomed rabbit

Molly and the doomed rabbit

She caught it and killed it – not what I’d have wanted but that’s what dogs do. Unfortunate …

Friday 23rd September

Moon, waning

Moon, waning

Another moon shot from my back door.

Sunday 25th September

A rather gorgeous day.

When a wasp alights on a nettle leaf, who stings who?
The dragonfly was taking advantage of the fishing platform to get some sun.
Sky so blue in late September!
The heron’s still patrolling the rugby field. I suppose it’s after mice and voles but I once saw one with a mole.

Monday 26th September

Rain! The ducks looked rather good so I played about with the picture a tad.
Likewise the pond picture – made the clouds a bit more menacing.
The female duck flew off to the canal while the pair just flew up to the east end of the pond.
The photograph doesn’t do justice to the stark white of the seeds against the black of the river.
Narrowboat Carnival was sailing up to her berth at Shireoaks Marina.
Heron still on the rugger field.
A juvenile, judging by the brown feathers, gull on the pond.
The smaller the insect the longer the antennae seems to be the rule.
dsc_9706bMore moon from my back door.

Tuesday 27th September

Up the canal to Shireoaks Woodlands

The Narrowboat was Maid Marion, a hire boat based at West Stockwith. In the week they’ve got there’s just time to make it up to Shireoaks and back.
The pigeon was looking almost regal on its perch.
Ivy will be a favourite with flying beasties for a while yet.
While it lasts ragwort provides food for small whites and hoverflies.

Interesting (or not?) these wee blue beetles are alder leaf beetles (Agelastica_alni).
This species was considered extinct in the UK with almost no records of it between 1946 and 2003. RHSlink
Well there’s tons of ’em on the alders on The Woodlands.
You can see the tiny size of them from the one on my hand.
The one with the yellow belly I believe to be a female with eggs.
There’s a reasonable view to the south, east and west from the top of the hill that’s been reclaimed from the mine spoil heap.
To the west is Shireoaks with St Luke’s church standing out.
To the east is Worksop but to the southeast is possibly the best view you’ll get of Worksop Manor Lodge,surrounded by trees as it is.

There’s not many butterflies left but this Comma posed nicely.
Back along the towpath a red admiral was sampling the ivy.

Grey wagtails are quite often to be seen along the canal and around the river.
The rugby field has rabbits. They hide in the bramble clumps and thorn hedges that border most of the mown grass.
The Hawker unusually posed on a dog rose stem for long enough to get several snaps.
Another of those “Well I like it!” pictures – seeds against the sky.
Across from the cricket ground the terrapin was basking.
Back home I picked a bunch of grapes and see what fell out; a weevil. Could be a willow gall weevillink although there’s no willow wthin 100 yards of my garden

Wednesday 28th September

The wrens seemed to be playing tiggylink around the willows. (We always called tag tiggy when I were a kid – there was tiggy off ground too when you could only be tagged when you were on the ground)
The spider is wrapping up a meal for later.
Convolvulus flowers are beautiful.
Oh what a tangled web we weave. If you’d asked me, although I can’t imagine why anyone should, I’d have said this was from Shakespeare; not at all, it’s Sir Walter Scott, I learn; Marmionlink in fact. You learn something new every day!

Lady Lee Reserve’s water is almost entirely covered with algae. Not the toxic sort though. Always think this is the nearest we’ve got to the Florida Everglades.
Rabbits and heron coexisting on the rugby field.
Back towards home the hazel trees are sprouting catkins, the male flowers, in readiness for spring next year.

Thursday 29th September

Coots are stroppy beasts. I suspect that a lot of the territorial strife is generational – this year’s adolescents being kicked out by mum and dad. Or t’other way about, I suppose.
I’m a gull and by me that’s only great!
I am proud that my silhouette is curvy 🙂

That’s September done.
Bye for now


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