October – first post

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Lørdag Første Oktober 2016

Google translate tells me that that’s Saturday first October in Danish.
As usual for the weekend, a Mollyless walk

The two planes are both Flybe heading for Doncaster. They were almost exactly an hour apart. Note: the later one’s propeller powered – not very common for so large a passenger craft(?).
Convolvulus flowers are pretty beautiful – pity it’s a weed.


There were literally dozens of ladbirds on a sycamore on the rugger field. These are a sample of the many varieties.
Highground Bridge with Deep Lock beyond. This is a picture taken on my £89 phone. Wonder why I spend all that money on camera stuff.
Picked up hazel nuts on the towpath below Morse Lock. There’s not a lot about.

Måndag Tredje Oktober

Monday third – Swedish

A Molly Day: around the pond.

Dragonflies are enjoying the last vestiges of summer. Here there’s three of the beasts.
Coots, like moorhens, flee when disturbed by hop-skipping over the water.
The white dove strolled along as if it owned the grass.
Up the canal towards Shireoaks Woodlands
For some reason red admirals are among the commonest butterflies around at the moment. I must have seen dozens but always on the move. This one’s resting on ivy leaves.
A bee takes advantage of the nectar offered by the ivy flowers.
Not many oxeye daisies left in flower.
The dragonfly posed for ages on the fence at Woodend, even flying up to take a new position a couple of times.

Reeds reflected – they remind me of a gigantic insect on its side.
Deep Lock’s bywash was catching the sun at just the right angle,
Rabbits in the rugby field.

Tiistai Neljäs Lokakuu

Apparently Finnish for Tuesday fourth October.
Place I worked at many years ago had Finnish visitors – from an associate company. By god they were drinkers! The price of booze in Finland made it very pricey to get drunk, so when they were over here they went a bit over the top.

Mollywalked up to Rhodesia and round Lady Lee

I like clouds – specially the fluffy ones.
A very ragged speckled wood.
Molly perched on a fallen tree – looked back waiting somewhat impatiently.
Back at the pond I watched gulls stealing, or trying to steal, from surfacing tufted ducks.
I hadn’t seen our grebe for a while, they spend a lot of time underwater.
Archangel flowers – so called because they, allegedly, flower on Michaelmas. They really resemble nettles among which they grow, except for the flowers of course, but have no sting.

Onsdag Femte Oktober

Norwegian: Wednesday fifth.

More Flybe heading for Donny.
The Straddle, it was a Pickfordslink warehouse when the canal was commercial. There’s a glazed hatch in the top of the arch where stuff was hoisted up.
The “Creative Village”link is still working although many of the original tenants are no longer there.
The graffito still looks good.
Down towards the aqueduct there’s a load of ivy with zillions of bees, wasps and flies thereon.
The heron was looking hopefully at the feeder just above the aqueduct.
Back on the recreation ground this enormous willow, pollarded in its youth many years ago, invites kids to climb it.
Roses are still blooming on The Canch – the scent is overpowering.
Passing overhead (well duh! what do you expect – it to pass underground?) a prop driven plane.

Czwartek Szóstego Października

Polish for Thursday Sixth October

There’s still a few dragonflies around.
… and some fell on stony ground.
Red admirals are among the few butterflies about.
Our great crested grebe is patrolling the pond.
Moon and the view from my back door.

I’ll give Friday its own page – I took over seven hundred pictures

’til then …