Of Swans

As usual all pictures can be seen bigger by clicking on ’em.
Swans have bred on the pond for the first time since I’ve been here – that’s ten years. According to some it’s longer than that: “Not within living memory” one antique native told me.
One swan overwintered.

Cob on the first of January


The first record I have of a pair of swans was on February twentieth:

First photo of the pair.


The pen (female) has the lighter beak of the two. I’ve been told that’s because she’s young, possibly only two years old.


Her apparent youth and the historical lack of breeding swans didn’t give much optimism to the possibility of any offspring.


Apparently with no other motive but to keep their hand in, they occasionally have a ‘practice’ flight across the pond.

Taking off

In flight

At the time I assumed that they were preparing to depart for pastures new.


Me being ‘arty’:

Against the sun

Thinking back, I do remember the pair muddling about in the reeds at the shallow end of the pond.

In the reeds

Turns out they were prospecting for a nest site.


They mooched around the pond for a few weeks:


Then I caught ’em:

Made a ‘gif’ of them.


Him on the nest

Another ‘gif’


That brings us to the end of March – I’ll just throw in an Easter treat;

Marmite Easter eggs!

and a rather good pic from December:

Kingfisher above Deep Lock

4 thoughts on “Of Swans

    • Should have next pics up tomorrow or day after.
      Didn’t believe the Marmite eggs when I saw them.
      Not seen kingfisher for ages. That’s after one almost every day while walking up to Shireoaks.



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