Of Swans and Cygnets

May – Still sitting, taking the occasional practice flight or stroll around the nest.

 And then on the 28th of May:
There’s nine of the little beauties.


Here’s a slideshow of my lunacy when confronted by cygnets (it goes on forever – I got a tad carried away. Feel free to read on)

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More:They take occasional excursions to the canal.


One cygnet disappeared – not certain of the date. Another two were taken probably by mink as they returned from a canal trip. So there’s six remaining as I write (7th July). There are several zillion more pictures but I’ll refer you to my Flickr pages which are much more up to date.

Coming soon: of grebes, chicks, death and more grebes.

2 thoughts on “Of Swans and Cygnets

  1. Oh my goodness.
    I’m so pleased to see the progress of this little family. I do occasionally see swans and cygnets on the Wye, but not this life cycle.


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