4 thoughts on “More pics & a bit of trivia:

  1. I think your mystery flower is probably a clematis. Poor little skinny robin – the ones round here look as though they’ve been living on pork pies (perhaps they have). There were six very plump wood pigeons waddling around my lawn today – I looked at them and thought ‘pigeon pie’! Not that we are short of food, although we have had some weird combinations. I had heard of the film ‘Whisky Galore’ but didn’t know the details. Thank you for the trivia. I can amaze my family and friends with it when I am permitted to be more sociable.


    1. Never thought of clematis thanks. Suspect that the robin has been busy feeding the kids at her (his?) own expense. Pigeons are absolutely everywhere there are usually one or two in my garden – don’t think I fancy eating ’em though. I’m actually eating better, not more, than before lockdown cause of only shopping once a week.
      I saw the film years (and years and years) ago and I knew that it was based on fact but didn’t know about the money – over two million in today’s value.



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