Even more November

So: I’ve got over a month and a half to catch up; I ought to comment; not gonna happen.

Just the pics from what’s left of November (after a little vid of my daily duck feeding session):

That’s it.

Got all of December to do now.

And then there’s a whole load of Jan.

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9 thoughts on “Even more November

    1. I’m not really that bothered about catching up – it’s just that I’m getting a bit too far behind and I might miss some pics if I don’t get a move on. Birds are my favourite too, but the Scotch …
      Interesting fact: If it’s Scotch then it’s Whisky not Whiskey – that’s for the inferior non-Scottish brands 😀.

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  1. Where to start? As always, amazing photographs. The kingfisher shot blew me away! I never realised that they had such red breasts only having seen one in flight. Love the tufted duck too and the mallards. I really like the lichens. “There is a low mist in the woods. It is a good day to study lichens” Henry David Thoreau.

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    1. Wouldn’t say I often see ’em but folk do see a kf either on the canal or the nearby river. A couple of years ago I saw two together at Shireoaks. Nice pot!😀


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