December Starts

THe header pic is, if you hadn’t guessed, the sun setting across the pond.

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First of December

I went for a wee walk – about eleven kilometres or seven miles; whichever floats yer boat.

As always I set off around the North East side of the pond

A couple of greylags had joined the swans and mallards. With their down turning beak mouths they always seem so disapproving.

Just one of the eight cygnets posing for a close-up.

This time of year, and through to the end of February, the mosses, lichens and fungi stand out in the mostly bare hedges and woodland.

Robins sing all year round but in winter they are being territorial and broadcasting for mates.

Leafless trees against a cloudless sky.
These particular trees always seem a bit Japanese to me.

At Doefield Dun Lock I crossed the canal and followed the footpath to the Miner’s Welfare and over the bridge toward Shireoaks Hall.

From: here; here; and here.

Don’t recall seeing this behaviour before; a bee investigating lichen. It continued for a few minutes and moved all round the lichen before flying off.

The hedge has patches of lichen along its length

Ivy fruit turns slowly from green to black. It must feed loads of birds and small mammals through this the harshest part of winter.

There’s a bungalow between the farm and the Hall. It has cats.

From the path the wind turbine at B&Q at the other side of Worksop is visible

At the fishing pond next the Hewett Arms a heron was being told off by a gull.

A blob of colour provided by a red campion.

From Cinderhill there’s a footpath that passes under the railway en route to Brancliffe Farm and beyond..

Here’s the tunnel-like bridge under the rail line.

A few years ago the path went across this field and over the railway line. Now it’s under the railway and round the edge of the field. Pic from here.

Tree shaped tree.

Rather mossy wall.

Three pano pics along the canal feeder in Brancliffe Farm’s field.

Returning to t’other side it’s necessary to cross over the rail line.

Sheffield train from Lincoln.

This is B&Q’s turbine miles away across Worksop: big innit?

Trees are magic!

Strange statues in the ‘Flying Fridge’ ground. They’ve disappeared since I took this picture, after intriguing me for years.

Goldfinches flock around a dozen or so at a time

Common as muck – a duck!

Saint John’s Church spire reflected in the canal.

What’s left of a fern.

More Soon

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5 thoughts on “December Starts

  1. Glorious sunset, no wonder you used it as your header.
    I like the study of the greylags – now if I ever see one I will know what it is.
    And I also liked to see the heron and the seagull.
    I saw a nuthatch on the feeder one very cold day – that’s a first for me.

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    1. Don’t think that I’ve ever seen, or at least noticed, a nuthatch. They’re the ones that go down tree trunks as opposed to treecreepers, which I’ve seen often, which go up tree trunks, aren’t they?.
      Seagulls are a pain in the neck – especially if you’re a heron 😀
      There’s often one or two canada geese and a similar number of greylags on t’pond.
      The sunset was actually January.


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