Jan Cont

So! I have begun to try to keep up to date with my blog posting. No promises though.

Don’t you just hate it when folk begin a statement with ‘so’? I first noticed it on ‘Pointless’ which is a fairly harmless entertainment on t’Beeb at tea time. When asked by the host, one Alexander Armstrong, what their occupation was, the answer would begin with: “So, Xander, I’m a floggle burner’s mate”frinstance. I think that I’m growing more and more intolerant as I age. (Don’t mention Brexit to me!)
People who I can’t stand, despite generally agreeing with them: Stephen Fry, Ricky Gervais, Richard Dawkins. I am, I’m becoming less tolerant.
Anyhow; here’s a crescent moon at ten past four in the afternoon on the twentieth:

Moon @ 4:10 pm

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January 2018

Starting (a bit late) to post up-to-date pics and such ramblings as I find convenient.

When it’s in view at a reasonable hour and with decent ‘seeing’, I try to snap the moon.

Jan 1 Moon

My ginger moggy died just before Christmas so now I’m left with just the one – a black male who sleeps almost 24/7, only stirring to eat or to go outside to avail himself of the facilities begrudgingly offered by the neighbour’s garden. He’s becoming rather fat around the tum.
(there’s recently been a tabby/white beasty at my kitchen window)†

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Of Swans and Eggs

Having, somewhat pruriently, watched the swans mating, I was hopeful that they were going to stay on the pond.



A couple of rather ‘arty’ portraits of the pair.


I must confess that I didn’t take much notice of them for a while until I caught them ‘at it’ again:

Cob ‘treading’ pen

Him on the nest again

The cob was behaving quite triumphantly on the nest. Note the coot’s nest just beyond.


Things carried on much as hitherto:

although I thought there might be eggs visible in the first of the above pictures.


On the 26th April there were definitely eggs!



The nest site was in the reeds under the steep bank below Redlands School. The reeds were still not grown enough to hide the nest from the other bank.


Winterfylleð continues

Winterfylleð* was the Old English name for the month which became October. It apparently means winter filling or possibly winter full moon. It was nicked by J.R.R. Tolkien for use in Lord of the Rings.
*ð was pronounced very like ‘th’ so it was winterfilth
Tolkien‘s biography, for the interested.
I read a lot of books, not so many now – t’internet takes up an awful lot of my attention. I recall waaaaay back in Sheffield Central Library picking a book and being scorned by my father: “What do you want that for? Elves and dwarves are kids stuff.” It was, of course, The Hobbit, or There and Back Again. That probably marks the beginning of my lifelong fascination with science fiction and especially with fantasy.
‡or is it dwarfs?
More on my reading matter later.

Meanwhile to carry on in October in this two thousand and sixteenth year of the Common Era:

Sunday 9th October 2016

I love skies so here’s a couple. The first is a view of the pond with a patch of blue above. In the second there’s rather more sky but considerably less blue; it’s taken looking almost due south from ‘Lady Lee Bridge’ on the canal.
Did I mention the alder beetle? Once thought to be extinct in UK, plentiful round here.
Trees on Shireoaks Woodlands are really turning on the autumn colour.
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Into May

Still playing catchup
Some old-English dates to liven things up.


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The Wazzock’s Back

All the way from China!

All the way from China!

After a while off line – computer refused to acknowledge the existence of the internet for reasons best known to itself, I is back! My pictures are taken on camera (not phone) and are up to ten megabytes and more each so there’s no way I could upload them via the phone. For the last month I’ve been loading and editing them on the computer and downloading them to a terabyte external drive. Now I’ve got a new computer and, after pratting about with de-windozing it (i.e downloading Ubuntu Linux from the net and installing it) and putting Gimp, Shotwell, Chrome etc. etc. … on it, I’m ready to put some pics on t’net again. I thought I’d ordered a machine with Ubuntu already installed but apparently not. Continue reading