August 2017

I’ve decided to do a blogpost covering each month until I catch up with actuality. If I do two per week I should be up to date before the end of Jan. I can’t manage much more than one pic from each day without making the post toooooooo long although occasionally I will if the pics make it compulsory.

Fracking prospecting

August saw a whole lot of fracking prospecting around North Notts. These were the only ones I saw at it although their instruments were all over. Continue reading

Year End

So*, to continue where I was so rudely interrupted by things: there has been very little happening around 108 to blog about. The swans, and to a lesser extent the grebes, have raised families; in the former case with about 55.6%that’s 5/9 success and in the second with 0% and 100%. Of course there have been loads of mallard, moorhen and coot births. 
I set out intending to do right up to present but I’ve chickened out at the end of July. I’ll do more tomorrow, promise.
The swans, who started with nine cygnets, have reared five. They’re now as big as their parents and are growing whiter by the day.

NB: Pics can be seen bigger by clicking on them by mouse or touch. They are also on my Flickr where you can see them much larger. Continue reading

Of Swans and Eggs

Having, somewhat pruriently, watched the swans mating, I was hopeful that they were going to stay on the pond.



A couple of rather ‘arty’ portraits of the pair.


I must confess that I didn’t take much notice of them for a while until I caught them ‘at it’ again:

Cob ‘treading’ pen

Him on the nest again

The cob was behaving quite triumphantly on the nest. Note the coot’s nest just beyond.


Things carried on much as hitherto:

although I thought there might be eggs visible in the first of the above pictures.


On the 26th April there were definitely eggs!



The nest site was in the reeds under the steep bank below Redlands School. The reeds were still not grown enough to hide the nest from the other bank.


Of Swans

As usual all pictures can be seen bigger by clicking on ’em.
Swans have bred on the pond for the first time since I’ve been here – that’s ten years. According to some it’s longer than that: “Not within living memory” one antique native told me.
One swan overwintered.

Cob on the first of January

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More Jan

An apology

I know I’ve said this before but: “I don’t remember people.” It’s not ’cause I don’t like particular people; it’s not ’cause particular people aren’t memorable; it’s not ’cause I can’t talk to particular people.
I just don’t remember people.
Folk I meet while walking, anglers, dog walkers or other walkers, often greet me as if they recognise me, they probably do. In order to not appear totally oafish I tend to meet everyone with a nod, a smile and a cheery “Hi”, as if I know them.
Folk I’ve known and spoken with for yonken are the exception* and possession of a dog also ups your chances of recognition. Names: that’s another of my many failings.
*Not invariably – as related elsewhere, I once blanked my brother.

Apropos nothing at all

Aside: Why is ‘I’ the only pronoun that’s always capitalised in English? Indeed it’s the only non-proper noun that is; correct me if I’m wrong.

Mondegreen: A mondegreen is a mishearing or misinterpretation of a phrase as a result of near-homophony, in a way that gives it a new meaning (wiki). Continue reading