May continues

I had loads of pics here but it seemed to overwhelm WordPress so I’m re-doing it.

The purple flower hanging over the canal is cuckoo flower or lady’s smock it turns white doublequick, the sea of yellow is a field of cowslips and the ballerina dresses are comfrey. The solitary bird in the muddy rainwater is a lapwing or peewit. The second name is derived from its distinctive call. It’s also known as green plover or, apparently, pyewipe.

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May is my birth month; on the eleventh I had been on this planet for seventy-seven years. No-one is more surprised than me to find that I have survived this long. Three of the friends of my youth died early: Vic Wright (at 20), Cyril Parkin (at 30) and Chris Ibbotson (at 40); little wonder that I passed my fiftieth with some foreboding. These names will obviously mean nothing to all but a tiny percentage of my readers but I still remember them all fondly.

More pics, less chat

First of May

First view of the pond each day

Have you ever looked at one of our commonest weeds*? Dandelions are really beautiful and so intricate!

*weed: a plant in the wrong place

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