Empty Pound

The pound below Thorpe Locks Bridge is empty as at 4:20pm Sunday 2nd June.Screenshot from 2013-06-02 18:57:33






Thorpe Top Treble bywash was running very lightly. Because of my route (from footpath to Lindrick) I didn’t see the top pound.

7 thoughts on “Empty Pound

    • Paddles were down (closed).
      I told C&RT about it. I was told by woman @ Turnerwood: “Oh it’ll be those kids – there’s been a gang” Don’t think so as it’d take a while to empty.
      Not been back (twas 4+ days ago) suggest you check with C&RT E mids.

      Add: Trevor’ll know if anyone does.


  1. Thanks very much. I am in contact with C&RT and will ring them again tomorrow to see what their man thinks. We are taking Hugh Henshall out on a trip on Saturday and need the pound full but can manage if not. It’s a bit strange



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