Walked to Clumber Park today.

Apart from the aching feet it was a pleasant walk not too hot, cold or wet.
Highlight: FoX!

Strolling along thought I saw something in the underbrush off to the right, thought it was a dog at first.

Click to embiggen (scroll down for autorun slideshow):

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3 thoughts on “Foxy

  1. Ah – Monsieur Reynard. When I was looking after Ma before she went into the Residential Home, I used to see foxes, bats, owls etc as I walked to and from her flat in the evenings. The fox population has diminished with the advent of wheelie bins and I think both the butterfly and bat populations have declined due to a decrease in insects – due to insecticides and pesticides presumably. The one thing that never decreases is the number of slugs and snails. Wish I had a toad in the garden!



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