A partial list of walks linking to sub pages (marked “*”) or to Google Maps. Mainly the Chesterfield canal towpath (Cuckoo way) but Clumber is also a draw. Some (most) I’ve done several times. They’re in no particular order, sorry.
* Anston Stones -> Lindrick Dale -> Canal March ’11
Clayworth to Retford July ’10
* Worksop to Kiveton Jun ’10
Lady Lee -> Rhodesia -> Shireoaks Feb ’11
Lindrick & Woodsetts
Short walk to Rhodesia Aug ’10
Chesterfield – Staveley July ’10
Ranby – Retford June ’10
Worksop to Ranby June ’10
Worksop to Rhodesia Aug ’10
Killamarsh to Staveley Aug ’10
Norton – Clumber – Worksop July ’10
Kiveton Park to Killamarsh July ’10
Cresswell June ’10
Brancliffe feeder June ’11
Clumber May ’11

Chesterfield Canal Trust have a series of pages describing the canal from Chesterfield to West Stockwith. Unfortunately I can’t find them listed on the official website but here they are:


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