Anston Stones Wood

Anston Stones -> Lindrick Dale -> Canal March ’11

This is a screengrab from the Googlemaps link above: I can’t get “iframe” to work.

Here’s an unofficial website. I’d send you to the Parish Council’s one, but it’s quite frankly rubbish. Someone with more superficial knowledge than ability has created it — it’s unusable IMHO.

Memory after 6 months jogged by photos.
Bus Worksop → (North) Anston (good old bus pass). I’d taken a map but it was a Landranger 1:50,000 and consequently not very good for purpose.
Anston Stones wood is a long strip alongside the A57 Sheffield→Worksop road, extending over the rail line. It is a site of Special Scientific Interest and contains the second best example of limestone woodland in South Yorkshire.
The woods are approached alongside a playing field with dog walkers, and their leavings, much in evidence.
Once in the wood itself, the paths are quite reasonable, if a little damp. One could easily imagine Ents appearing through the soggy trees. At the northern, upper, edge the wood opens out into open fields. There are bird and bat boxes scattered about.

A cave in the limestone was possibly used in the ice age (should that be capitalised?)

The bottom of the valley is followed by the Anston Brook which presumably created it.
Moss and ferns cover much of the floor.

One thought on “Anston Stones Wood

  1. Great post on Anston stones woods, I thought I would do a search on who else has written on it. I need to do another blog with a few pictures in it. Thanks Tim



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