Ranby to Retford

24 April Walked from Ranby to Retford on the Chesterfield canal towpath.

The first ½ mile or so from the village to The Barracks corner is enhanced by beautiful willows.

Click to embiggen

Onward to Greenmile bridge

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The holes in the bank are big – 8+ inches across, a freshwater mussel, the boat is “Water Ratz”, Ranby Hall, more willows and beautiful yellow flowered (unidentified) trees.

So to Retford

Forest locks, goldcrest, chaffinch, pheasant, Lady bridge with rope grooves, insects and the well named “Clocked Off”

7 thoughts on “Ranby to Retford

    1. Forgot to photograph the leaves Didn’t have leaves yet. All the pics of limes show the flowers hanging, these were definitely upright. (?)

      Not saying they’re not limes, cos I don’t know. Very YELLOW those trees.


      1. I’ve just looked through my ID book and Limes aren’t in flower until June / July so you are right, it can’t be them. Unfortunately the book doesn’t show any other trees that fit the bill so I would guess they are some exotic introduction.

        I’m intrigued now; I’ll have to go have a look myself. It’s a nice walk from Ranby to Green Mile Lane and I haven’t been for a month or two.


      2. I took a walk along the canal with the missus this evening to have a look. I reckon they are Norway Maples but Julie disagrees saying they are maples but another variety not in our book.



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