Worksop To Kiveton Park

Along the Chesterfield Canal towpath (the”Cuckoo way”) from Morse Lock on the western edge of Worksop to The end of navigation at Norwood tunnel beyond Kiveton Park station — and back: about 13 miles round trip.

I’ve chopped the walk into sections: Morse lock to Deep Lock is below; Deep lock to Shireoaks here; Shireoaks to Turnerwood here; Thorpe flight here; and the latest part (unfinished) Top Pound here.

Morse lock to Deep lock

From home I only have to walk round the south side of Godfrey’s pond to be at Morse lock.

Morse lock

Morse lock was for a long time the limit of navigation, everything beyond is the result of sterling work by the Chesterfield Canal Trust volunteers and British Waterways. Some boats need to “fenders up” for Morse lock.

Every day (almost) I walk here on my way to town. This walk to Kiveton is the other way: to the West and “uphill”.
Alongside is Worksop Rugby Club’s ground, followed by an actual farmed field.

There’s a weir …


… and then, just before Sandy Lane bridge, a curious feature:

the towpath goes up and over a “bridge to nowhere”. This used to lead to the “Lady Lee Arm”, a canal spur leading a mile or so to the Lady Lee quarry. It now makes a convenient “Winding Hole”. More about this elsewhere, eventually.


Just across from the weir is a small BW site, There’s usually a workboat or two moored here.

Next lock up is “Stret”

Stret lock visible through Sandy Lane bridge


Stret lock …

… is notorious for being narrow, many boats fail to pass it.
“Fenders up or off” is a must here!


Nb Thomas Harold in Stret.

There’s a load of pictures of one boat, Charlotte, that had to be pulled out by BW staff after a night jammed in the lock here

Scrape marks after Charlotte was pulled out.


Stret Lock from Highground Bridge.


Immediately below Deep Lock is Highground Bridge


The grooves scored by horse tow ropes can be seen in the bridge stonework


Deep lock is so called because it is.


Deep looking down to Highground bridge.


And Deep from the bridge looking “upstream”.


Next: Tylden Road bridge and Haggonfields lock and on to Shireoaks.

There is a “Virtual trip” along the canal on Chesterfield Canal Trust’s Website. Pity it’s not easier to find.


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