Shireoaks to Turnerwood

Notice the two bungalows below Shireoaks bridge – they apparently flooded, or at least got a little damp, when the canal was reinstated – which is why Boundary lock was required. Through the trees on the non-towpath side is a cricket ground and a private fishing lake.
Boundary lock was new in 1998.

The bridge crosses to a footpath leading to Cinderhill and back to Shireoaks Church around the fishing lake.

Immediately after Boundary lock is the Ryton aqueduct. This marks the Nottinghamshire / South Yorkshire boundary.(That’s why they called it Boundary Lock!)

Duke’s Bridge is about fifty yards past the aqueduct

and Cinderhill Lock, the first of the Turnerwood flight immediately past it.


Turnerwood Locks:

Oneslide(strange name!) Lock


Stone Lock


Feeder lock
The Brancliffe Feeder can be seen flowing in here


Turnerwood Bottom Lock


Turnerwood Top Lock


Turnerwood Top Lock and Quarry Lock


Quarry Lock


Turnerwood Basin
Two hour mooring, ice cream on sale in season.


Turnerwood Bridge with Turnerwood Double visible


Turnerwood Double bottom gate


Turnerwood Double top lock
officially part of the Thorpe flight but …


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