Thorpe Flight

Including Turnerwood double there are fifteen locks in approximately half a mile

All “overhead” pics “screengrabbed” from Google maps.

The whole flight

Turnerwood Double Lock

Brown’s Lock

Brickyard Double Lock

Brickyard Double between Milestone (left) and Brown’s (right)

(more pics)

Milestone Lock

Thorpe Low Treble Lock

Limehouse Lock

Thorpe Bottom Lock

Thorpe Middle Lock

Thorpe Locks Bridge

Thorpe Top Treble Lock

Next: Top Pound

One thought on “Thorpe Flight

  1. Turnerwood was a new discovery for us – what a fab little place (and I noticed you were featured on the photos in the phonebox). Thanks for tipping me off about Flog It – it made me want to get into Burgh Island Hotel even more!



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