It’s still September

If I’m not careful I’ll catch up with myself, blogging at this rate.

Tuesday 20th September ’16

A “Grade ‘A’, grey day”* on the pond. What’s the correct spelling of GREY (or GRAY) anyhow? Apparently gray is used more in the U.S of A. but grey elsewhere although either is OK wherever you are. see herelink.
Ivy flowers have pollen covered stamens to coat wasps, bees, flies and hoverflies when they come for the nectar.
The seeds of the sycamore spiral slowly down helicoptering as they go. The low speed of descent allows the wind to carry them far afield. I hate sycamores. They spring up any- and every-where and grow so fast that other trees have little chance to compete. Continue reading

September – first week

On again. Don’t forget you can click the pics to see ’em bigger.

Thursday September First 2016

More of the same, or at least similar.

There’s one south facing grassy slope that has grasshoppers skulking in warm weather.
Spiders build webs in the brambles alongside the paths around the pond.
There’s aircraft overhead most of the day. This is one of the small ones.
Usually its the coots that fight but here they’re looking on while a couple of female (or juvenile?) mallards have at it.
This has got to be the prickliest plant around. Continue reading

August back end

Thought I’d better do some bloggin’ or folk’ll think I’ve snuffed it. Starting from t’ end of August.
Here goes (click the pics to see ’em bigger)(All pics are on Flickrlink, where they’re bigger than here)

Wednesday 31st August ’16

Wednesday: Wodnesdæg: Woden’s day
“When gorse is out of bloom, kissing’s out of fashion.” As I was told some short time ago.
It’s the start of spider season. At least the fat bodied ones that create webs in the brambles. Speaking of which, there’s more and more blackberries; “mellow fruitfulness”† indeed. Continue reading


A bit (a little bit (a very little bit)) more catch up.
Continuing with just pics. Mouse over for captions, click to embiggen.

By the way: a lot of my walks I record using “map my walkLINK” you can join for nowt and then see where I’ve been. I’ll link when I remember – click on ‘MMW’ (I often forget to turn it off, so there’s a lot of wazzocking around at my flat after I’m home)

April – week the second plus



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June Week 2

I’ve been suffering from occasional back nurgle which, with my ‘walk over a mile and the hip goes “clunk‘, has sometimes made walking a bit of a chore. Some days I don’t go at all but they’re few and far between. Minimum usual walk is to town via lake and canal, most often including up to Deep Lock.
Please click on pictures to see ’em bigger.
Or you can see this week hereLINK on flickr


This was one of the ‘minimal’ days:
A squirrel in the trees across the canal and a wren singing its heart out.

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June – Week one

The header picture is of Shireoaks church, Saint Luke’s, from the top of the old pit tip which has been reclaimed and is now a public space with meadows and young woodland.
Until the early 1970s the Church had a spire but it was removed for safety – there was subsidence.
From the Church websiteLINK:

The foundation stone was laid by the then Prince of Wales, later to become Edward VII, on St Luke’s day, 18th October 1861. The same day two years later saw it’s dedication.
Built in “High Church” style it was a present to the village by the fifth Duke of Newcastle-Under-Lyne. The Duke was the owner of the colliery at the village and commissioned the architect Thomas Chambers Hind to build a church for his colliers who “badly want it”.


Thinks: why do kettle spouts have filters? Most(?) folk fill ’em through the spout so anything lodging in there will be poured back out with the contents. Unless your water is very, very, hard, you’re unlikely to have anything filterable originating in the kettle.


On with the pics:
Mouse over pics for captions, click ’em to see them bigger.


Narrowboat Concordia moored at the Lock Keeper before heading up towards Shireoaks. The cock pheasant was displaying noisily on an earth heap left by the groundsman. Most days I take at least one and probably more, series of pics to attack with Hugin panorama maker – often of the pond but occasionally elsewhere. Distant heron and close up daddy long legs.

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It’s here!

I cannot be bothered with blogging when the weather’s decent – I’d rather be out walking, although I do shove some pics up to Flickr after each day’s meander.
So a quick catch up on the summer(ha)‘s pictures.

Don’t forget you can see ’em bigger by clicking on pictures. Click on the first of a batch to start a followable gallery.

Back end of May

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